Building Value In Your Offer

Today we’re going to continue our subject on copywriting and we’re going to get into the thick of things when you are writing copy. I have a laundry list of items to go through that I’ll break down so you can really get the idea of what we’re talking about in each particular section. Right now we’re going to talk about building value in the copywriting process.

This mindset stems from understanding how to position value with words and information that you’ll be communicating about your product or service. You want to have an increased opportunity to let your market know what you’re talking about. So today we’re really talking about offers. When we talk about offers it is perhaps the most important piece of your marketing campaign. One of the things you want to do is demonstrate the value of its worth. If you have product where you have several different components you want to add a dollar value to each of those. One other way to build value is to show what the product brings versus the value it has compared to some other products. Also demonstrate contrast with certain products and one of the intangibles is to talk about the time and money it took build the product.

We’re talking about copywriting again, but I used the marketing assessment as the download that you want to get because you also want to have the strategy effectively working when writing your copy. I also want you to look at our nurture marketing campaign on our website. This is important because it is where the copywriting really comes into play. You’ll be leveraging your writing skills and emails that are going out. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your nurture marketing campaign further please feel free to call me directly or get in touch with me via email

Give The Customer What They Want Through Effective Copywriting

We’re talking about copywriting and how this flows into your nurture campaign; just a reminder that you continue marketing to the people that are in your database. This is where your copywriting skills are going to become more prevalent and really play its part in making sure you upsell current clients and convert leads to clients. By joining the real world andrew tate, you can acquire the skills how to master the art of copywriting and secure a list of high-paying clients.

In writing your marketing piece you want to communicate what customers want. You want to make sure you give them three things. First, give them value added in advance. They are looking for value and information that they can use to help grow their business or sell their product or service. Communicate value to them at every point in the situation, even if you are writing about non-business related stuff. Second, they want a trusted advisor so make sure it comes from someone that is from a face or name within the organization, no from a “Do Not Reply” email address. Third, give them an adequate solution. They are still looking for adequate solutions for what they need so don’t hesitate to ask for a sale or an upsell.

Again you want to convert the people that are just leads. They are still looking for a solution and you can give that to them because you now have permission to communicate with them. You can give this to them by giving them solid, on-point information.

Look at our nurture marketing campaign on our website. You’ll see all the nurture campaigns, there are five that you should have activated within your organization. Remember, you want to upsell to your current customers and convert your leads into clients. Also feel free to give me a call or get in touch with me via email if you have any questions regarding what I covered today or how our nurture marketing campaigns can help your business.

Add A Story To Your Copywriting

We are continuing our conversation on copywriting and, more so, how this feeds into your nurture marketing campaign. Your nurture campaign should be heavily focused on copywriting because you’re going to use email and video to communicate the information you want to your new clients, existing clients, new leads and existing leads. These are the four different types of people that you should have in your database and they are the most neglected piece when it comes to marketing to your database. Some people get a client or lead and don’t follow up on it, don’t try to upsell or convert them to a client. This is imperative and, again, this is where your copywriting skills will show their case for the cause. You’re writing to them, you’re communicating with them and when you do this there are certain pieces that you need to get across, one of them is the story. This works really well if you’re converting leads to clients; you want to make sure you have a story associated with your email campaign.

When you’re writing your story make it emotional; the more emotional it is, the better. Make the story time-saving. Communicate how your product or service can save them time or money, which are two things that are critical to their want and needs. Next, talk about their experience; it can be pleasant or bad. Number five is to make it results oriented – show or tell them how your product or service has helped other clients.

Nurture campaigns are an important part of your business so please check out our website to check out the difference types of campaigns you should have going out to the people in your database right now as well as the number of different services we have to offer.

Addressing The Customers Problem In Your Copywriting

Hello this is Granison Shines with Direct Business Marketing and today we’re going to continue our conversation on copywriting and making sure you understand we’re talking about the nurture campaigns you should have underway right now. You should have campaigns for your new clients, existing clients, new leads and existing leads; the whole idea is to upsell and convert. This is where your copywriting skills are really going to hone in on how you position your product or service and whether you actually complete the sale. You’ll be communicating several bits and pieces of information to them. One of the things we’ll talk about is the problem, which is something you should address. You want them to know that you know what their soft spots are and that you can fulfill those particular soft spots and make sure your provide them with the adequate solution.

First, you need to address that you understand the client’s problem. Establish what their struggles are; you can do this either via writing or video. Next, share specific challenges that the reader faces before telling them you have the solution and unique strategies for beating these challenges. This is where you want to build some value in what you’re talking about and you can communicate more effectively so they’ll immediately understand how you can help them with their problem. They will listen to you more.

If you go to our website you can check out our services, the four different client types you should have in your database and how they should be addressed and the different types of nurture campaigns you should have going out to them. This is the most neglected aspect of most organizations and they are the easiest people to market to so please check out this page to ensure you’re making the most of your nurture marketing campaign.

Utilizing The Post Script In Your Copywriting

Again we’re going to continue our conversation and how it should be integrated with your nurture marketing campaign. This is the most neglected part of a nurture marketing campaign. The current leads in your database are very seldom marketed to. We want to change that with this series and talking about copywriting because there’s a lot of good information. Cross selling, converting and even upselling can be done with just some simple copywriting rules that you keep in the back of your mind. This will make a difference in whether or not they become clients in your database. The four campaigns you have running should be existing clients, new clients, existing leads, new leads. It is proven that the easiest people to sell to are the one that you already have so we want to ensure that you’re utilizing this.

When you’re constructing the offer you want to have the post script. It is the most important piece to communicate the urgency of the deadline of your offer. You can also restate the benefits as much and as often as you can in your post script as well as introduce brand new benefits. It is proven that the headline, bullet points and the post scripts get read the most so make the most of this by having all the pertinent information possible.

Make sure you look at the marketing campaigns on our website at You’ll be able to see all of the information you need as well as pricing for our nurture marketing packages. You can also send me an email at [email protected] or give me a call with any questions you may have regarding our services, post scripts or the nurture marketing campaigns you should have going right now.

Adding A Deadline To Your Copywriting Offer

We’re talking about copywriting, offers and the deadline pertaining to your offers today. This is true for the four different campaigns that you should have running within your marketing campaign right now; they are for existing clients, new clients, existing leads and new leads. These should be coming from your email system and going out to your database meaning that you’re dripping on them at least once a month regarding specific offers or upsells or other items that are an important piece of the nurture marketing campaign. This is the part that gets neglected the most within organizations, so make sure you have this in order so you can write copywriting that will effectively turn leads into paying clients.

Adding a deadline to your offer helps position your offer so that you can make more sales within a certain period of time or grab as much as you can from your database so they don’t miss out on the benefits that you’re offering. If you don’t have a deadline in your offer, you essentially don’t have an offer. Multiple deadlines are very effective because you can tier it in order to make sure that you have certain nuances for certain downloads or pricing. This can get more complicated but it can be more effective. Add a date and time to your deadline making it clear what the deadline is. If they miss out, you want them to understand why they missed out; because they didn’t partake in an offer that was available only for a certain time.

If you would like to look at the nurture marketing campaigns on our website, see what we have to offer and what you should be communicating within these different campaigns I would like to encourage you to check it out. You can also contact me via email or phone with any additional questions you might have on nurture campaigns or creating a deadline for your copywriting offer.

Making The Client Buy Now

Now that you’re writing your marketing piece we’re going to continue our conversation on offers and talk more about buying now and giving them the instruction to do so. This is critically important for the partaking of your offer; there’s no point in putting your offer out there and not letting them know where to buy it, how to buy it and that they need to buy it right now.

This is in conjunction also with the four marketing campaigns that we’ve been talking about. Nurture marketing is the most neglected portion of the marketing piece that most businesses have in operation. When I say nurture marketing I mean marketing towards the people that you already have in your database; there should be four campaigns you have going all at the same time.

Buying now – tell them to BUY NOW. You have no idea how important this is, how much it works and also how much it gets neglected in the communication of buying the product. It’s good to have an image and tell them to click to buy now. You also want to make it easy for them to buy. Make the link or image easy to find and easy to get to. Third, you want to give access to something immediately for gratification purposes. Once they do buy a physical product give them something they can use right away such as a download or a video; whatever it may be give them something they can have quick access to while they’re shopping. As previously stated, create and give a reward for buying now as well as create a consequence for not buying now.

If you would like to see the different nurture campaigns or see what we have to offer for you and your business, please visit our website at

Use Scarcity Appropriately In Your Copywriting Offers

Today we’re talking about creating scarcity in your offers. First of all, however, we want to make sure that you understand that this all stems from your nurture marketing campaigns that you should have going on right now to your existing clients, new clients, existing leads and new leads. These client types are already in your database and they are the easiest to upsell to and convert.

With this being said let’s move forward and talk about scarcity. This means that when we talk about offers we want to make sure there are certain nuances that will enable them to move faster, better and quicker to help them partake in the offer. One of the techniques we use is scarcity; some people go against this, but when you create scarcity just make sure you follow through with it. In saying this, you have time meaning you could increase the price after a certain amount of time or do a presale offer. Second, you could do a quantity and limit the number that are available. Third, use the fear of loss. For example you can say the first 15 people with get a certain bonus and the next people will get a different type of bonus. This does work very well but make sure you utilize these techniques appropriately. You have to follow up on what you say you’re going to do.

If you want to look at the marketing campaigns that we currently have, or how your four different marketing campaigns should look please visit or go under the a la carte menu on our website. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email if you have any additional questions on the copywriting items we have discussed in this video or any of the other ones in this series.

Types Of Offers To Use In Your Copywriting

Let’s continue our conversation on copywriting and how copywriting folds into what you should have going on right within your business with regards to your nurture marketing campaign. The most neglected part of any company’s marketing campaign is staying in touch with those people that are already in their database. You want to have information going out to your global database but you also want to segment your database into four different types. The four different client types that you should but marketing towards and those are existing leads, new leads, existing clients and new clients. You should be upselling or converting these four different client types through your nurture marketing campaign.

Today we’re going to talk about offer types in your copywriting. There are four that I want to talk about but want to focus mainly on two. The first offer type is a hard offer. Let’s pretend that we’re writing out a postcard and giving them option choices in your hard offer. You’re basically asking them to pull out their wallet and invest in your product or service. They would mark “Yes I want to Invest in Your Product” on the postcard or will call you to set up a meeting. In this type the call to action is intertwined with the offer.

There is also a soft offer which is generally free information, product or service that you’re giving them. For example, they can download a free report or get some literature in the mail. The next two are ones that I don’t focus on, but they are still out there. If you’re writing some sort of component and giving them choices, you can give them a negative offer. For example they can check, “No, I’m not interested in Your Product or Services Right Now”. Lastly, there is a deferred offer, which can be appropriate at times if you want to forecast or get an idea of when people will be interested in your product or service.

The two that I really am focusing on are the hard and soft offer. A lot of times you can generate a lead with a soft offer and then follow it with a hard offer to convert that lead to a client.

Adding Bonuses To Your Copywriting Offer

Today is a good day to continue our conversation on copywriting and, more specifically, the offer and the bonus items. This is a good way to sweeten the pot, adding bonus items that have very good value for your client. Again, you want to make sure you have four different types of marketing campaigns going for existing leads, existing clients, new leads and new clients. You should have emails going out regularly to all of these different client types in your database. This is the most neglected part of any individuals business, so be sure that you have these four campaigns going.

Now, on to the bonus items and what they can and should include to sweeten the pot when you’re making an offer to someone. You can use a fast action guide or something that the prospect can download or do in order to understand how to utilize the product or service and start making changes right away. Having a fast action guide always helps if you can fit it in with your offer. You also want to tie bonuses to basic and deluxe packages; offer more bonuses for deluxe packages. When you’re adding information about the bonus items one of the things you want to do is utilize the bonus items to encourage a fast response and partaking in the offer that you have for them. Make it very clear that you want them to buy now. Lastly, give them some ownership by letting them choose from a list of what their bonus can be.

Be sure you have the nurture campaigns going for the people that are already in your database; this is crucial to your business. To see what each one of these campaigns and what the tone of them should be visit our website and check out our nurture campaign information.

Payment Options In Your Copywriting Offer

Now that you’ve started to write your marketing piece you want to make sure that the copy stands firm, it’s right, it’s tight and it’s communicating what you want to communicate to your current leads, new leads, existing customers and new customers. These are the four different types of marketing campaigns that you should have going on when we talk about the nurture side of marketing; these are all people that you should already have in your database and you should be marketing to them via these types of campaigns. This is where your copywriting skills are really going to play their part because you’re going to be writing information to them via email, blog posts, and social media, whatever it may be, to serve as your nurture marketing campaign. In doing this you want to make sure you hone in on what you’re going to be talking about.

Today we’re going to talk about payment options. There are a few different that you can offer to your clients and leads. You can have them pay over time; we have this instituted within our business for certain products. You can also have a discount on a prepayment. On our websites you can buy it at a one payment discounted price or you can have it extended over twelve months. You are going to have people in your database that will partake in both of these options; they’re going to do what’s right for their business. You can also give a discount on American Express depending on your merchant account or shopping cart. You may also apply for high-risk merchant accounts if you are a high-risk merchant. You can also do coupons that may provide the discount payment. Whatever it may be, just having a mix of these options available for your client base is really going to help you when you’re talking about offers.

When you have multiple payment options available, you become a more accessible merchant. Ensure your card machine supports international card processing for seamless transactions

Take a look at the nurture marketing campaigns on our website at Again, this is critically important for your business. You want to have these four different nurture campaigns integrated into your business.

How To Build The Value Of Your Offer

We are going to continue our conversation on copywriting, or more specifically the copywriting pieces that should be going out to your current database, which are existing leads, existing clients, new leads and new clients. These four should be the nurture campaigns that you have constructed and again the nurture campaigns are the most neglected part of most business’s marketing campaign; not reaching out to the current database that you have, making sure you are upselling new clients and convert leads into clients.

This is going to be important, again I’m breaking the offer piece down into different chunks. Today we’re going to talk about building the value in an offer. Building value in your offer is critical. First, you want to show your offer in parts. Itemize each part of the offer and whenever possible add a dollar value to each line item. Second, you want to add a comparison piece to your offer as well, making sure you are building the value into your offer while doing so. Compare apples to oranges, not apples to apples. You can also build the value of your offer by using bullet points. Essentially, make sure that you take your offer and put it into sizable chunks so that it appears bigger. You can accomplish this by itemizing what you have to offer people.

Look at the nurture marketing campaigns that we have on our website, You’ll see an example on this page, some pricing information as well as how many drip campaigns will go out with each of the components for the nurture campaign. You can also feel free to contact me, Granison Shines, at [email protected] or give me a call at 602.369.8119. I hope that you’ll keep joining me on our continuing series about copywriting and your nurture campaign.