Utilizing The Post Script In Your Copywriting

Again we’re going to continue our conversation and how it should be integrated with your nurture marketing campaign. This is the most neglected part of a nurture marketing campaign. The current leads in your database are very seldom marketed to. We want to change that with this series and talking about copywriting because there’s a lot of good information. Cross selling, converting and even upselling can be done with just some simple copywriting rules that you keep in the back of your mind. This will make a difference in whether or not they become clients in your database. The four campaigns you have running should be existing clients, new clients, existing leads, new leads. It is proven that the easiest people to sell to are the one that you already have so we want to ensure that you’re utilizing this.

When you’re constructing the offer you want to have the post script. It is the most important piece to communicate the urgency of the deadline of your offer. You can also restate the benefits as much and as often as you can in your post script as well as introduce brand new benefits. It is proven that the headline, bullet points and the post scripts get read the most so make the most of this by having all the pertinent information possible.

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