Overcoming Marketing Campaign Challenges – Part 2

How to turn marketing campaign challenges into business by focusing on our marketing process – Generate, Capture, Store, and Nurture:
– Make sure you have the right marketing message
– Make sure you have a call to action
– Make sure your webform works properly
– Make sure you have an automated follow-up sequence

Overcoming Marketing Campaign Challenges – Part 1

How to turn marketing campaign challenges into business:

– Reduce the risk to buy your product, service, or program
– Make it easy to buy your product, service, or program
– Add value to your product, service, or program by adding more of what they’ll receive

How to Turn Marketing Campaign Challenges into Business

How to turn marketing campaign challenges into business

  • Reduce the risk to buy your product, service, or program
  • Make it easy to buy your product, service, or program
  • Add value to your product, service, or program by adding more of what they’ll receive

Imagine how easy it would be to market your startup with an unlimited budget.

It’s a nice dream, but unfortunately, it’s far from reality.

Most startups operate under tight budgets, which makes it almost impossible for them to invest large sums in advertising.

So, if you must stretch your dollars as far as they can go, you need to be very careful and knowledgeable when creating your marketing budget to get your finances streamlined and your financing running. Putting to use short-term corporate loans makes sense for the long-term business growth as explained by the CEO from FC Capital, especially when carefully aligned with strategic investment opportunities and robust risk management practices.

In addition to exploring financing options like short-term corporate loans, startups can also benefit from the strategic insights offered by private equity firms. Engaging with a private equity company executive coach can provide invaluable guidance on optimizing financial strategies, securing investments, and scaling operations efficiently. This specialized coaching helps startup founders navigate the complexities of private equity, ensuring that their growth initiatives are well-supported and aligned with broader market opportunities.

However, knowing how much your marketing costs should be isn’t the only challenge you need to face, as there are different subjects, and you can also use marketing strategies like using agency backlinks to promote your site.

Once you’ve determined your budget, you need to decide the right investments to make, but is zultanite a good investment? For example, should you focus more on bringing organic traffic or attracting customers from paid ads?

Or both?

How to overcome the challenge: While there’s no magic one-size-fits-all formula to determine your marketing budget, considering the following factors may help you throughout the process:

Growth goals – If your marketing strategy generates lots of leads, will you be able to fulfil that demand?
Cost per lead – How many people do you need to reach to convert them into customers?
Price of products – For example, if you’ve implemented a premium pricing strategy, you will be able to invest more in marketing as each sale could be worth thousands of dollars.
Annual revenue – To make your marketing budget a percentage of revenue, you need to know your estimated or gross annual revenue.
Startup stage – Some suggest that fresh-faced startups should invest more in marketing to speed up growth (for example, WordStream suggests that new companies should allocate at least 12%-20% of their gross revenue to marketing). In addition to these considerations, determining the value of a home, often influenced by factors like location, amenities, and local real estate trends, is crucial for shaping your marketing strategy. Understanding the market value of properties in a given area is essential for tailoring your marketing efforts effectively. This involves assessing the current demand and supply dynamics, local economic conditions, and the unique selling points of each property. It’s also important to factor in the “HOA meaning” (Homeowner Association) and its associated fees and regulations, as they can impact a property’s attractiveness to potential buyers. By accurately gauging the value of homes, including HOA considerations, you can allocate resources efficiently, set appropriate pricing strategies, and target the right audience segments to optimize your marketing campaigns in the real estate industry. Get in touch with Acclime’s company registration consultant today if you need help setting up your business in Vietnam.

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Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your USP should answer this question from your client-type’s perspective: “Why should I do business with you above any and all other options available to me including doing nothing or whatever I am doing now?  Why should I choose your business, your product, or your service vs. any other competitive option available to me?”

To assist in constructing you USP we have created this “fill in the blank” formula.

For example:

Direct Business Marketing is a marketing consulting firm for small to medium sized businesses who want to focus their marketing and generate more leads.  We create and execute a marketing plans that is customized for each client to increase our client’s sales.

USP Formula: (copy below and fill out)


__________________ is a __________________ for

Name of company                          expertise

________________ who want to _______________

whoever you serve                                     do what?


__________________    ____________________

Name of company                      the verb of the process

to or for  ________________________________

for what purpose / in order to do what


Need assistance with our USP?  Get on my calendar and I’d be more than happy to help.

Strategy: The Most Important Feature of Any Marketing Campaign

Quick tips via video regarding a sound marketing strategy.

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5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Marketing Consultant

This month, we’re going to introduce our Marketing Consulting Series.  Marketing consulting is one of Direct Business Marketing’s forte when it comes to services offered to our clients.  We firmly believe that at some point in your business, all need an outside eye focused on the marketing campaign, even to give it a complete once-over.  Why?  Because if the marketing consultant is worth his/her salt, then they can definitely see the potential holes in your campaign that can save and make you a lot of money.

What is a Marketing Consultant? A marketing consultant is an experienced marketing professional hired by a company to help develop a marketing plan, strategies, and actionable tasks. The consultant may participate in identifying target markets, researching the marketplace, developing solutions, and preparing marketing campaigns. For instance, a recruiting firm like Bradsby Group, often connects companies with top marketing consultants who can elevate their marketing efforts.

In this video, Andrew, Dustin and I discuss what you should look for when you hire sales and marketing freelancer.   There are quite a few intangibles that far surpasses the knowledge and insight of the consultant.  In fact, one should consider what we discuss in this video as the leading determining factor of the hiring process.

Watch the video to find out more…

Marketing System for Real Estate Agents

When it comes to Real Estate Marketing, we’ve know that it’s all about generating quality leads.  For that fact, we’ve instituted a full lead generating marketing solution.  Check out the video below to see a demo.

Are You Looking For A Marketing Campaign That Is Technologically Advanced?

Do your marketing objectives, or your marketing campaign, need a fresh new start or just an update to help you be more technologically with the times? If this applies to your small business, there are a few different options out there for you to appeal to a variety of consumers on different marketing avenues.

One of the first techniques you can employ for your marketing campaign is mobile optimization of your website. When you use mobile optimization, you essentially have a website that is user-friendly to any type of mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet. Mobile optimization can help you reach out to a variety of consumers that you may never have had the opportunity to come across before as many people these days mainly use their smart phone or mobile device to access the internet.

Another option to help you reach out to a wide range of consumers and get your product out there is to use a social media marketing campaign. When you use social media marketing, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, it allows you to create a following of customers and to connect with them on a more personal level as well as on a daily basis. There are over a billion active users that are currently on Facebook, so the number of people that you can reach out to is astronomical.

If either of these marketing strategies appeals to you with regards to your marketing campaign you should contact Direct Business Marketing for more information on how to get started. DBM can go over your marketing objectives and your existing marketing campaign with you and help you determine which strategies will help meet the needs and goals of your business. They’ll apply their proven successful marketing truths to any marketing campaign that they undertake with you to ensure that your business’s marketing needs are being met.

How To Successfully Market Your Events

Today we’re going to continue our discussion on event marketing. The document you’re currently looking at is an event marketing action plan; I’ll tell you how you can get this helpful document later on in our discussion. The main topic we’re going to go over today is event details; I can’t stress enough how important the event details are. Why do we want the event details? It allows us to fill out the event summary later on; the event summary will have all of the components that you see right now.

The first field on the page is for your event link. One of the things that we like to do is use EventBrite. It’s not something that you have to use, but we do use it internally at Direct Business Marketing because it saves us time with setting up a customized landing page. It works very well for us. This can be any type of link because this link is going to be on all of the marketing materials that you distribute. Next is the event type where you’ll want to identify whether it’s a seminar, webinar, meeting, workshop, etc. Then there’s the event title which is important because you always want to have the headline be the event title. The client-type or target market; internally we use the term client-type because that defines who we’re going after. Having this client-type identified is crucial because you can list on your marketing materials who should attend your event. Next we have the event date, venue, address and cost. If there is a cost for your event, I always suggest doing an early bird discount because it always makes a strong point. The targeted number of attendees and potential revenue are also listed at the bottom of this document.

Another thing that’s important is the offer; you always want to have some kind of offer. A soft offer, which we always like to use at the front end of the campaign to incentivize them to sign up for it, should be immediately available upon registration. All you need to do is fill out the soft and hard offer fields. What are you offering at the front end of your campaign? Any time you have an offer, you also want to sure that you include a total value. Then there’s the hard offer, which you’re actually going to try and upsell them at your event. What is your hard offer and what is your event’s special offer? You need to communicate to them that you’re going to offer them a special price on your product simply because they attended your event, all while ensuring their safety with corporate executive security hong kong.

Next time we’ll talk about some of the sponsor-related things you should have for your event. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me via phone or email. I’d also like to encourage you to download our free Marketing Assessment document from https://directbusinessmarketing.com/ma.

Not Just Another Event, Make Yours Great With Effective Marketing

Hello everyone Granison Shines here with Direct Business Marketing talking with you today about the importance of event marketing and some tools to make sure it is a success. At Direct Business Marketing we have been utilizing event marketing for years and in the time have found what works and what doesn’t when preparing for your upcoming event. If you are getting ready to host an event or just looking to improve on the last one you had please reach out to me with any questions or comments.

First of all it is important to be aware of all the different types of events you can host to help educate your customer. Whether it is a town hall meeting, live webinar, or a workshop we have put together four of the key components to a successful event. People tend to buy from a credible, educated source and by hosting an event you are able to grow your credibility and also your customer base. An event will also require your customer base to act in some fashion before a specific date in order to be involved. A call to action before your event helps focus your customer base on the benefits your product or service will provide to them. Hosting an event will also imply scarcity to your customer and this can also serve as a call to action. A successful event will only be available to a certain number of people with an allotted amount of time making your message that much more powerful. The final component of a successful event deals with the fact your customer must make a commitment in order to attend the event. By developing this psychological factor of marketing you are gaining their attention and curiosity long before the event.

I hope this has provided some great information to get you started planning your next successful event. Make sure to download our marketing assessment tool off of the Direct Business Marketing website to find other great tools for your marketing needs. Thanks again for your time and make sure to stop back soon for more great marketing advice.

Should I Be Utilizing Video Marketing For My Product/Service?

Hello everyone Granison Shines here with Direct Business Marketing talking with you today about who should use video marketing. While I think it is a great tool for almost any business there are certainly some products or services that translate better to video. For my blog today we are going to cover some guidelines for determining whether video marketing is right for you.

This is part 2 on this important topic so make sure to re-visit part 1 when you have a chance to understand the entire message. First of all, if your client-type wants to see your product or expertise in action prior to purchase video marketing can be a great tool for you. In this scenario your videos are able to answer any questions while providing peace of mind for your clients before they make a commitment. Second, if your product or service has complex concepts or issues video marketing can help you make sense of it all. Some people are visual learners and by utilizing a video you are engaging a wider audience to truly understand your product or service. And last if your product or service generates numerous frequently asked questions video marketing can be a huge help. I encourage our clients to make a video for each and every frequently asked question that surrounds their product or service. By doing this you are not only creating fresh new content for your website but you are also providing assurance to your customers. Video technology only continues to get better and it will be used for many years to come. Make sure you find the best way to utilize it for your product or service.

If you have any questions or want to get started with your video marketing campaign give me a call or contact me via the Direct Business Marketing website. Make sure to also download our free marketing assessment to find easy solutions to your marketing needs. Thank you again for your time and I look forward to helping you in the future with your marketing needs.

If You’re Starting A New Business, A Successful Marketing Campaign Is Key

Are you starting a new business and are wondering just how in the world you’re going to pull off a successful marketing campaign? If you’re in a situation such as this, Direct Business Marketing (DBM) is here to help you. DBM is a premiere marketing firm that specializes in all different types of marketing strategies all with one goal in mind: a successful marketing campaign for their client. DBM works together with the customer to determine which marketing avenues will ensure the best results for that business’s marketing campaign.

Direct Business Marketing has developed a marketing evaluation tool, which can be found on their website, to help you determine which types of marketing avenues you should pursue for your business. Some of their services include website creation, eCommerce, social media marketing and search engine optimization, just to name a few. If you contact DBM, they’ll go over their marketing evaluation with you and provide you with suggestions and ideas on how to run a marketing campaign that will generate the leads and sales that you are hoping for with your business.

There are many different techniques out there today that businesses use to promote brand awareness and Direct Business Marketing knows all of them. If you have thought at all about how important your marketing campaign is to the success of your business, you should check out the marketing evaluation on DBM’s website and give them a call today. They have the proven success of many marketing campaigns behind them to guide you through the steps of launching your own successful marketing campaign. Starting a new business and getting the word out about it can be a daunting and scary task, but it’s important to know that you’re not alone in this endeavor. Contact Direct Business Marketing today; the success of your business depends on it.