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Is Social Media a Good Traffic Source? – Traffic Generation Blab Replay

There are many companies that are tying up a significant amount of their marketing budget into social media marketing.

Is this a good thing?

Well, we’ve found that you can lose your shirt if you’re not intentional about your marketing.

On the flip side, if you have your ducks in a row, you can rake in leads and sales.

BUT, you have to have certain components in order to maximize your marketing efforts. In example:

  • A carefully selected target market.
  • Something desirable from the prospect looking at the ad
  • Your website with an irresistible lead magnet and web form to capture names and emails at the very least.
  • A true CRM in order to store the leads once they convert.
  • An automated nurture campaign to disseminate emails automatically

These few items, at the very least, will point your campaign in the right direction.

There’s more to be told so watch the video as Andrew, Dustin, and I talk about social media and its ability to be a good traffic source.


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Does Content Matter? – Traffic Generation Blab Replay

If you have been anywhere near the internet, then you know that content is a major subject when driving traffic to a website.

We’re talking about website content, inbound content, outbound content, you name it.

When talking about driving targeted traffic to your website, the content you have on your lead generation marketing materials really matter.

Meaning, the words and message you have on your postcards, PPC ads, e-newsletters, press releases, etc. should be carefully crafted to pique interest and compel the readers to do whatever you desire them to do.

While website content and online platforms play a pivotal role, the power of consumer mailing lists should not be underestimated. These carefully curated lists offer marketers the opportunity to deliver customized messages directly to potential customers, providing a tangible and individualized experience that complements their digital endeavors.

In an era where online channels are inundated with content, direct mail emerges as a standout medium, capturing attention through its tactile nature.

Whether it’s a personalized postcard unveiling exclusive offers or a targeted email newsletter featuring tailored recommendations, consumer mailing lists empower marketers to deliver precise messages to their intended audience, thereby driving traffic and nurturing enduring customer relationships.

Anything else outside of what was written above will cost you in the long-run due to the fact that your return on your marketing investment will be in the toilet.

Watch the video as Andrew, Dustin, and I talk about lead generating content.

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Good Traffic vs. Bad Traffic – Traffic Generation Blab Replay

When it comes to traffic generation to your website, we believe there is such a thing as good website traffic and bad website traffic.

Good traffic would be considered as website traffic that is actually looking for what your company has to offer, opts in for your lead magnet, thus converting to a lead, or purchases your product / service.

Bad traffic would be considered as website traffic that stumbles onto your website but is NOT interested in what you have to offer and furthermore, does NOT convert into a lead by opting in for your lead magnet or purchase your product / service.

It’s not rocket science that you obviously want the best traffic you can generate to make its way to your website.

So the questions become:

  • “Who is my ideal client-type that I want to see my website?”
  • “How do I get laser targeted in who I want to come to my website?”
  • “Where do I place my ads so that I can get the most qualified traffic possible?”
  • “How do I institute qualification measures into my marketing process so that I continue to get the right traffic”
  • “What would be the perfect lead magnet to get them to convert into a lead?
  • And others we can ask…

Take a moment to watch the video where Andrew, Dustin, and I blab about good traffic vs. bad traffic.

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