Marketing Campaign to Help Sales Close More Deals – Part 3: Creating the Marketing Materials

Before we talk about how you can use TikTok likes, let’s quickly cover how the platform works.

The platform is based around videos that max out at 15 seconds (and can be combined for up to a total of 60 seconds, and people interact with videos by scrolling through their feeds.

These were some of the best strategies and techniques you can implement to optimize your TikTok video content. It doesn’t matter if you’re a digital marketer or just another person looking to expand the number of followers, these pieces of advice should be viewed as guidelines that should be followed individually and according to personal aspirations. TikTok is still a social media platform on the rise, therefore, there its marketing professionals like the and social influence is yet to show their full potency, especially nowadays when we spend more time in front of the screen than ever.

One of the cool things about TikTok is it allows people to add all sorts of editing effects and background music to their videos. This has resulted in lots of dance videos going viral on the platform, as people can record a video of themselves dancing to a particular song.

When it comes to interacting with videos, people can “like,” comment on, or share the videos they like with other users through direct message or SMS and other apps, check this post to know how to be more productive in business.

Engagement figures are exceptionally high on the platform. According to one study by Influencer Marketing Hub, TikTok beats all other platforms when it comes to engagement levels across accounts of all sizes, be sure to learn more information about marketing go and see page here.

TikTok is also really good at keeping people on the app, as users typically interact with it 45 minutes a day. If  you are trying to learn about apps then you should keep in mind the price of an app largely depends on the complexity of its functionality. Contact Ecodelogic in Tampa and have them explain the nuances of app development to give you a better understanding of what is involved and get an opinion from an iphone app development melbourne company.

If you have a TikTok profile, people can follow your account and set up notifications so they’re alerted whenever you post a video.

The tricky part is working out how to create the kind of content that resonates with TikTok users. After all, the content and style of TikTok content are different from those on other social media platforms. If you aim to enhance your presence, consider buying tiktok followers.

If you use the platform as an observer for a week or two, you’ll be able to develop a feel for things. This may then make things much easier when you use the platform as a marketing channel, as there are some great marketing services like therankway that could help you in the different platforms online.

Marketing Campaign to Help Sales Close More Deals – Getting Your Sales Department on Board

In this video, Granison Shines, talks about getting your sales department to buy in on your marketing campaigns. A simple, yet proven, process that he’s used in his corporate days to synergize the departments and to experience more success with marketing campaigns and sales efforts.

The sales department buy-in:

• Set up a meeting with key sales personnel and key marketing personnel
• Identify the product, service, or program for the campaign
• Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
• Outline the marketing strategy according to DBM’s Marketing Process – Generate, Capture, Store and Nurture

Watch the video and then view the case study, and the results, from the marketing campaign. Case study here –

Marketing That Helps Your Sales Department – Defining the Process

View the case study –


When it comes to your marketing activities assisting your sales department, you’ll have to start by clearly defining your marketing process.

The Marketing Process

  • Generate
  • Capture
  • Store
  • Nurture

In this video, Granison talks about Direct Business Marketing’s marketing process that you can use to outline your marketing activities.

Watch the video and then view our case study here to see the result from the marketing campaign for one of our clients.

Feel free to book a time on our calendar so we can talk about your marketing campaign.

Creating Effective Bullet Points in Your Offer

3 Important factors to remember when writing out your bullet points:

  1. Turn features into benefits
  2. Sell with benefits, prove with features
  3. Give a benefit and then add another benefit

Click here to download the FREE “Offer Checklist”,  Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.  I can be reached at 602 369-8119 or via email at [email protected].


How to Turn Marketing Campaign Challenges into Business

How to turn marketing campaign challenges into business

  • Reduce the risk to buy your product, service, or program
  • Make it easy to buy your product, service, or program
  • Add value to your product, service, or program by adding more of what they’ll receive

Imagine how easy it would be to market your startup with an unlimited budget.

It’s a nice dream, but unfortunately, it’s far from reality.

Most startups operate under tight budgets, which makes it almost impossible for them to invest large sums in advertising.

So, if you must stretch your dollars as far as they can go, you need to be very careful and knowledgeable when creating your marketing budget to get your finances streamlined and your financing running. Putting to use short-term corporate loans makes sense for the long-term business growth as explained by the CEO from FC Capital, especially when carefully aligned with strategic investment opportunities and robust risk management practices.

However, knowing how much your marketing costs should be isn’t the only challenge you need to face, as there are different subjects, and you can also use marketing strategies like using agency backlinks to promote your site.

Once you’ve determined your budget, you need to decide the right investments to make, but is zultanite a good investment? For example, should you focus more on bringing organic traffic or attracting customers from paid ads?

Or both?

How to overcome the challenge: While there’s no magic one-size-fits-all formula to determine your marketing budget, considering the following factors may help you throughout the process:

Growth goals – If your marketing strategy generates lots of leads, will you be able to fulfil that demand?
Cost per lead – How many people do you need to reach to convert them into customers?
Price of products – For example, if you’ve implemented a premium pricing strategy, you will be able to invest more in marketing as each sale could be worth thousands of dollars.
Annual revenue – To make your marketing budget a percentage of revenue, you need to know your estimated or gross annual revenue.
Startup stage – Some suggest that fresh-faced startups should invest more in marketing to speed up growth (for example, WordStream suggests that new companies should allocate at least 12%-20% of their gross revenue to marketing). In addition to these considerations, determining the value of a home, often influenced by factors like location, amenities, and local real estate trends, is crucial for shaping your marketing strategy. Understanding the market value of properties in a given area is essential for tailoring your marketing efforts effectively. This involves assessing the current demand and supply dynamics, local economic conditions, and the unique selling points of each property. It’s also important to factor in the “HOA meaning” (Homeowner Association) and its associated fees and regulations, as they can impact a property’s attractiveness to potential buyers. By accurately gauging the value of homes, including HOA considerations, you can allocate resources efficiently, set appropriate pricing strategies, and target the right audience segments to optimize your marketing campaigns in the real estate industry. Get in touch with Acclime’s company registration consultant today if you need help setting up your business in Vietnam.

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Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your USP should answer this question from your client-type’s perspective: “Why should I do business with you above any and all other options available to me including doing nothing or whatever I am doing now?  Why should I choose your business, your product, or your service vs. any other competitive option available to me?”

To assist in constructing you USP we have created this “fill in the blank” formula.

For example:

Direct Business Marketing is a marketing consulting firm for small to medium sized businesses who want to focus their marketing and generate more leads.  We create and execute a marketing plans that is customized for each client to increase our client’s sales.

USP Formula: (copy below and fill out)


__________________ is a __________________ for

Name of company                          expertise

________________ who want to _______________

whoever you serve                                     do what?


__________________    ____________________

Name of company                      the verb of the process

to or for  ________________________________

for what purpose / in order to do what


Need assistance with our USP?  Get on my calendar and I’d be more than happy to help.

Finding Focus with Your Marketing – Who are you REALLY selling to?

Getting laser focused to figure out your exact target market is a process. You need a marketing plan and there are certain things that you should focus on.

Typically people focus on demographics like age, income, location, employees, revenue, etc. However, a we have a better way to figure out your target market with help from services provided by SEO agency experts. Ask yourself, what do my potential clients actually want. From there, it’s much easier to find a campaign and a call to action that will convert for your business.

The purpose of marketing is to help businesses grow efficiently and reach their highest potential for ROI by promoting brands, products and services. Marketing promotions usually focus on boosting content engagement, increasing sales of products and services and growing brand awareness. Marketing and promotions can be traditional, digital or both. Traditional marketing refers to print media, and digital marketing refers to digital media. Two Comma Club award application recognizes businesses that have successfully leveraged digital marketing strategies to achieve significant revenue milestones, highlighting the importance of effective online promotion in today’s business landscape. Businesses awarded with the Two Comma Club recognition often serve as inspirational examples for others striving to excel in the digital marketplace.

Marketing may also use market research and analysis to determine where to target content and analytics—this can help with accurately tracking performance or engagement. For example, completing and analyzing market research may help a company determine where to place promotional ads, and later, marketing and sales analytics can provide information about the effectiveness of those ads. You can also look into software, depending on your company or niche. When a brand uses 3D animations for advertising its products, it exudes a sophisticated and professional image in the market.

When you start having discussions about what your potential client wants, your marketing ideas show themselves. Identify what your client actually WANTS and the rest falls into place. Use promotional products that your customers can use for a long time. Such quality products help keep customers engaged with your brand. For expert guidance on effective lawyer marketing services, click here to explore comprehensive strategies that align with your client’s needs and enhance your brand visibility.

What problem does your organization solve? Answer that question and work backwards from there!

Marketing Consulting and Processes For Business Success

What is a Marketing Consultant? A marketing consultant is an experienced marketing professional hired by a company to help develop a marketing plan, strategies and actionable tasks. The consultant may participate in identifying target markets, researching the marketplace, developing solutions and preparing marketing campaigns.

In this video, Andrew, Dustin and I discuss why a marketing process put in place is a good thing for your business. Here at Direct Business Marketing, we adhere to the Generate, Capture, Store, and Nurture, process which is “THE” marketing process for every industry. Think about it, every marketing campaign has to generate leads, capture those leads, store those leads, and nurture those leads to the sale of your product or service.

What a process does is allow you to execute tasks in a systematic way. Meaning, it allows you and those in your business to be productive, efficient, and profitable. Marketing plans work out great when there is a process in place that allows the business to be flexible and streamlined at the same time.

Watch the video to find out more…

5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Marketing Consultant

This month, we’re going to introduce our Marketing Consulting Series.  Marketing consulting is one of Direct Business Marketing’s forte when it comes to services offered to our clients.  We firmly believe that at some point in your business, all need an outside eye focused on the marketing campaign, even to give it a complete once-over.  Why?  Because if the marketing consultant is worth his/her salt, then they can definitely see the potential holes in your campaign that can save and make you a lot of money.

What is a Marketing Consultant? A marketing consultant is an experienced marketing professional hired by a company to help develop a marketing plan, strategies and actionable tasks. The consultant may participate in identifying target markets, researching the marketplace, developing solutions and preparing marketing campaigns.

In this video, Andrew, Dustin and I discuss what you should look for when you hire sales and marketing freelancer.   There are quite a few intangibles that far surpasses the knowledge and insight of the consultant.  In fact, one should consider what we discuss in this video as the leading determining factor of the hiring process.

Watch the video to find out more…