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How to Generate, Capture & Convert High-Quality Leads For Your Mortgage Business


Join Chief Marketing Officer Granison Shines as he explains the marketing process his company uses to generate consistent high-quality leads for other mortgage businesses.

During this webinar, Granison is going to show you how their system takes your initial consultation process and utilizes it to consult, qualify, and convert website traffic into high-quality leads. Plus, how you can successfully integrate their marketing process, Generate, Capture, Store, and Nurture™ to launch successful marketing campaigns from here on out.

You’ll also learn the following:

  • How to attract high-quality leads for your mortgage business
  • How to eliminate tire-kickers that waste time in your marketing and sales processes
  • Why your Marketing Process is one of the most important Client Interfacing Processes, plus how to perfect it using their system
  • How to get a higher conversion rate from lists you’ve acquired
  • Plus more…

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Watch Instantly

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As a bonus upon registration, you’ll be able to immediately download DBM’s Marketing Process Flowchart For Mortgage-Based Businesses. This one-page document is detailed with proven information on how you can successfully market your mortgage business.