How To Build The Value Of Your Offer

We are going to continue our conversation on copywriting, or more specifically the copywriting pieces that should be going out to your current database, which are existing leads, existing clients, new leads and new clients. These four should be the nurture campaigns that you have constructed and again the nurture campaigns are the most neglected part of most business’s marketing campaign; not reaching out to the current database that you have, making sure you are upselling new clients and convert leads into clients.

This is going to be important, again I’m breaking the offer piece down into different chunks. Today we’re going to talk about building the value in an offer. Building value in your offer is critical. First, you want to show your offer in parts. Itemize each part of the offer and whenever possible add a dollar value to each line item. Second, you want to add a comparison piece to your offer as well, making sure you are building the value into your offer while doing so. Compare apples to oranges, not apples to apples. You can also build the value of your offer by using bullet points. Essentially, make sure that you take your offer and put it into sizable chunks so that it appears bigger. You can accomplish this by itemizing what you have to offer people.

Look at the nurture marketing campaigns that we have on our website, You’ll see an example on this page, some pricing information as well as how many drip campaigns will go out with each of the components for the nurture campaign. You can also feel free to contact me, Granison Shines, at [email protected] or give me a call at 602.369.8119. I hope that you’ll keep joining me on our continuing series about copywriting and your nurture campaign.

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