Post Event Marketing Starts With A E-Mail Campaign To Answer FAQ’s

Hello everyone Granison Shines here with Direct Business Marketing talking with you today about how to properly market your next event. We have covered this important topic over the course of several video blogs and today we are talking about your post event e-mail campaign. To find our other blogs related to event marketing make sure to browse the Direct Business Marketing website for even more information on hosting the perfect event.

So once you have game planned to host the perfect event there is still work to be done after the day of your big event. I call this the nurture stage of event marketing and this is meant to help sell your product or service. In the nurture stage we want to develop a post event e-mail campaign within the first six days after your event date. These e-mails should answer any frequently asked questions from your event or questions you feel should be asked about your product. You may also want to include a video that creates a hard offer for your product or service in order to capture the sentiment of those who attended. When you start your post event e-mail campaign make sure to explain why you are e-mailing and what these e-mails will included. The day after your eco-friendly tradeshows the first e-mail should include a thank you message along with some information about the videos that you will be sending over. By making this known right away the attendees will not confuse your e-mails with generic post event spam e-mails that they normally delete.

We want to make these e-mails as personal as possible so try not to include fancy graphics and make sure the clients name is used. For any questions about marketing your next event call or e-mail Granison Shines at Direct Business Marketing today. Thank you for joining me and I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

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