Writing A Strong Offer In Your Copywriting

Now that you’ve started creating your marketing piece, you want to talk about the offer. You need to make sure you address through your nurture campaign the four different types of database clientele that you have. These are existing clients, new clients, existing leads and new leads. Make sure you have appropriated the information that should be going out to each of these types.

Right now we’re going to talk about offers, what they pay, what they get, what they risk. Over the years we have discovered that it is best if your offer has a name associated to it. All of the research done by not only ourselves but by a number of other individuals points to this. You also want to give your customer or potential customer offer choices. We recommend coming up with at least three offers; a good, better, best kind of thing. Also, you want to create and give a reward for buying the offer now. You could tie in different bonuses or downloads that may be associated with and enhance the product or service they are receiving through your offer. Creating this actually helps out a lot. Lastly, create a consequence for NOT buying now. Do limited time offers or a certain number of offers to create a really strong offer to your client and.

Again, make sure you are addressing the four different types of marketing nurture campaigns that you should have going on through your database. If you’re not sure about this we can definitely help you out with it or you can check out https://directbusinessmarketing.com/services/nurture-marketing. This is the most neglected part of a marketing campaign, the people that you already have in your database so don’t fall into the category of people not nurturing their new and existing clients and leads.

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