Using Strong Headlines In Your Copywriting

Welcome back to our discussion on copywriting skills that will come into play when you’re creating your nurture marketing campaign. Just a reminder that your nurture marketing campaign should be focusing on your existing clients, new clients, existing leads and new leads; there are four different types of nurture marketing campaigns you should have going on. We’re talking about headlines today; headlines are very critical because headlines, blog post lines, social media lines, email subject lines, whatever it may be, this is the showstopper; this is what will make people stop and read what you’re talking about. Headlines determine how good your content is, once you have them, you can go ahead an use an AI content writer like Copymatic ai to great great content.

There are three different types to headlines that I want to go over with you. The first of them is the Factual headline, which is generally the weakest level of the headline. On a stronger note level you can add in an emotional factor to your headline; this really gets people to hone in on what you want them to read. The strongest level of headlines is personal. With this level you want to get to the reader’s most dominant resident emotion. If you can tap into this, it will be the strongest point that will really hone in on what you want them to read. Keep in mind these three different types of headlines when you are writing your blog posts, email subject lines, direct mail postcard or a social media post, or whatever it may be that you’re using in your nurture marketing campaign.

I’d like to encourage you to check out our Nurture Marketing Campaign Solutions at to find out more about how we can help you reach your new and existing clients and leads. Remember, you should have four different nurture campaigns going on right now so if you’d like to learn more about them or what you should be doing to ensure that they’re successful please check out our website or contact me today.

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