Using Bullet Points In Your Copywriting

It’s always good to have bullet points in your email because you want to solidify the benefits that they are going to be getting from your email. After the bullets you can follow it up with a link where they can get more information. However you do this, you should have it set up for four different types of clients in your database: new clients, existing clients, new leads and existing leads. This is the most neglected part of a nurture marketing process: marketing to people that you already have in your database. We want to change that mindset altogether by instituting those four marketing campaigns. Today we’re going to talk about bullet points and, more specifically, what those bullet points should entail.

Bullet points are a nice way to break up the monotony of a paragraph especially if you’re going to list a certain number of benefits, products of features. There’s a saying in the marketing world, “Features sell, Benefits tell” so you want to make sure you turn those features into benefits that will be able to be understood by the person that is reading it. You can also sell with benefits and then prove with features; make sure you can prove what you’re talking about with regards to your benefits. Then you want to give a benefit and then add another benefit to solidify what they should be thinking about in terms of a particular product or service.

Bullet points are important; when we generally send out an email it usually looks something like this: three line paragraph, bullet point, bullet point, bullet point, and link to more information. When they click on the link it goes to a page on the website and they can understand what the offer is, where to get the information and how to buy it. Again, bullet points break up the monotony and enable you to position certain benefits for the product or service at hand.

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