Launching A Social Media Marketing Campaign? Use Facebook To Get Started

If you’ve considered revamping your marketing process by delving into the world of social media marketing, most small business owners launch their social media marketing campaign on Facebook simply because it has a few advantages over Twitter and Google+. First of all, Facebook is the most widely used social media site in the world with over one billion users; that’s almost 10 times more followers than Twitter has alone. Facebook profiles are also more detailed than Twitter and allow a user to share more information with the public. On Facebook, not only can you update your status, but you can also post photos, videos and have more content than you can on Twitter. One nice thing about a social media marketing campaign on both Facebook and Twitter is that you can back link your business’s Twitter page to Facebook.

A good youtube marketing company or social media marketing campaign on any social media site can be very beneficial to your business if you know what you’re doing. On Facebook, for example, marketing experts suggest that you have a profile and cover photo that accurately promotes your business, brand and product. You want to show your business’s logo or an image that your followers are going to remember. Create a distinctive brand identity with’s exceptional roofer logo designs. When you update your status or post content, make sure that it’s relevant and will grab the attention of your fellow Facebook friends. The success of your social media marketing campaign is measured by the number of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ that you get on your content, so don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve and let your personality show. Lastly, make sure you are interacting with your customers and friends by also ‘commenting on’ or ‘liking’ their status updates and content posts. By doing this you’ll strengthen your owner-customer relationship.

Using social media marketing as part of your business’s marketing process can be a smart move if you are trying to stay current with the times and want to generate some customers, just ensure that before you get started you know what you’re doing to ensure the success of your campaign.

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