Adding Bonuses To Your Copywriting Offer

Today is a good day to continue our conversation on copywriting and, more specifically, the offer and the bonus items. This is a good way to sweeten the pot, adding bonus items that have very good value for your client. Again, you want to make sure you have four different types of marketing campaigns going for existing leads, existing clients, new leads and new clients. You should have emails going out regularly to all of these different client types in your database. This is the most neglected part of any individuals business, so be sure that you have these four campaigns going.

Now, on to the bonus items and what they can and should include to sweeten the pot when you’re making an offer to someone. You can use a fast action guide or something that the prospect can download or do in order to understand how to utilize the product or service and start making changes right away. Having a fast action guide always helps if you can fit it in with your offer. You also want to tie bonuses to basic and deluxe packages; offer more bonuses for deluxe packages. When you’re adding information about the bonus items one of the things you want to do is utilize the bonus items to encourage a fast response and partaking in the offer that you have for them. Make it very clear that you want them to buy now. Lastly, give them some ownership by letting them choose from a list of what their bonus can be.

Be sure you have the nurture campaigns going for the people that are already in your database; this is crucial to your business. To see what each one of these campaigns and what the tone of them should be visit our website and check out our nurture campaign information.

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