Types Of Offers To Use In Your Copywriting

Let’s continue our conversation on copywriting and how copywriting folds into what you should have going on right within your business with regards to your nurture marketing campaign. The most neglected part of any company’s marketing campaign is staying in touch with those people that are already in their database. You want to have information going out to your global database but you also want to segment your database into four different types. The four different client types that you should but marketing towards and those are existing leads, new leads, existing clients and new clients. You should be upselling or converting these four different client types through your nurture marketing campaign.

Today we’re going to talk about offer types in your copywriting. There are four that I want to talk about but want to focus mainly on two. The first offer type is a hard offer. Let’s pretend that we’re writing out a postcard and giving them option choices in your hard offer. You’re basically asking them to pull out their wallet and invest in your product or service. They would mark “Yes I want to Invest in Your Product” on the postcard or will call you to set up a meeting. In this type the call to action is intertwined with the offer.

There is also a soft offer which is generally free information, product or service that you’re giving them. For example, they can download a free report or get some literature in the mail. The next two are ones that I don’t focus on, but they are still out there. If you’re writing some sort of component and giving them choices, you can give them a negative offer. For example they can check, “No, I’m not interested in Your Product or Services Right Now”. Lastly, there is a deferred offer, which can be appropriate at times if you want to forecast or get an idea of when people will be interested in your product or service.

The two that I really am focusing on are the hard and soft offer. A lot of times you can generate a lead with a soft offer and then follow it with a hard offer to convert that lead to a client.

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