Use Scarcity Appropriately In Your Copywriting Offers

Today we’re talking about creating scarcity in your offers. First of all, however, we want to make sure that you understand that this all stems from your nurture marketing campaigns that you should have going on right now to your existing clients, new clients, existing leads and new leads. These client types are already in your database and they are the easiest to upsell to and convert.

With this being said let’s move forward and talk about scarcity. This means that when we talk about offers we want to make sure there are certain nuances that will enable them to move faster, better and quicker to help them partake in the offer. One of the techniques we use is scarcity; some people go against this, but when you create scarcity just make sure you follow through with it. In saying this, you have time meaning you could increase the price after a certain amount of time or do a presale offer. Second, you could do a quantity and limit the number that are available. Third, use the fear of loss. For example you can say the first 15 people with get a certain bonus and the next people will get a different type of bonus. This does work very well but make sure you utilize these techniques appropriately. You have to follow up on what you say you’re going to do.

If you want to look at the marketing campaigns that we currently have, or how your four different marketing campaigns should look please visit or go under the a la carte menu on our website. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email if you have any additional questions on the copywriting items we have discussed in this video or any of the other ones in this series.

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