Add A Story To Your Copywriting

We are continuing our conversation on copywriting and, more so, how this feeds into your nurture marketing campaign. Your nurture campaign should be heavily focused on copywriting because you’re going to use email and video to communicate the information you want to your new clients, existing clients, new leads and existing leads. These are the four different types of people that you should have in your database and they are the most neglected piece when it comes to marketing to your database. Some people get a client or lead and don’t follow up on it, don’t try to upsell or convert them to a client. This is imperative and, again, this is where your copywriting skills will show their case for the cause. You’re writing to them, you’re communicating with them and when you do this there are certain pieces that you need to get across, one of them is the story. This works really well if you’re converting leads to clients; you want to make sure you have a story associated with your email campaign.

When you’re writing your story make it emotional; the more emotional it is, the better. Make the story time-saving. Communicate how your product or service can save them time or money, which are two things that are critical to their want and needs. Next, talk about their experience; it can be pleasant or bad. Number five is to make it results oriented – show or tell them how your product or service has helped other clients.

Nurture campaigns are an important part of your business so please check out our website to check out the difference types of campaigns you should have going out to the people in your database right now as well as the number of different services we have to offer.

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