Inbound Marketing Series – Why This Is A Good Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses

Inbound Marketing is described as – promoting a company through its blogs, video, eBooks, eNewsletters, Podcasts, case studies, whitepapers, SEO, physical products, social media, and other forms of content marketing which serve to attract interested customers through the different stages of the sales cycle.

Typically, the top brass at Direct Business Marketing enjoys making videos and sharing those videos on their company’s blog, as well as, social media. It’s been proven to get the best results for them as part of their content marketing strategy. However, this may not be entirely true for you depending on how your audience likes to receive their information.

Other content marketing pieces for a complete inbound marketing strategy include the use of longer video formats such as webinars. About once a quarter, the team will schedule a webinar that is typically 45 to 60 minutes. This allows the team to expound on a subject for a longer duration, therefore, delivering even more juicy content.

There’re a lot of buzz going on right now in the area of inbound marketing. And if you’ve had your ear to the ground, you’d find that inbound marketing, or even content-driven marketing, can do wonders for any small business. The big hang-up most small businesses are having is what to write about on a continual basis.

In this video, Andrew, Dustin, and Granison discuss some of the top-level particulars of inbound marketing. Information like:

  1. The definition of inbound marketing
  2. What’s the first things businesses should do after determining this is the marketing strategy they’d like to deploy
  3. How to discover if Inbound Marketing is for you
  4. And other facts…

Here’s how you can tell if an inbound marketing strategy would benefit you and your organization. Go to – There you will find Direct Business Marketing’s Virtual Marketing Consultation.

Virtual Consultation A $10M Game Changer for Mortgage Firm

Closing any mortgage deal starts with finding the right customers and getting certified credit solutions. “Mike” (name changed to protect his identity) has spent years in the mortgage industry with many of the same problems as other sales professionals… getting potential clients to agree to a consultation and overcoming the objection to that first meeting.

In 2014, his lead generation process changed dramatically by doing two simple things, overcoming the objection with a Virtual Mortgage Consultation, and at the same time, positioning himself as the mortgage expert. “My customers have loved the process because they are getting a number of their questions answered without having to agree to a meeting,” said Mike, “and I get to be the one that gives them those answers, which makes me the expert in their eyes.”

Reluctant to give too many details on this newly discovered lead generation gold mine, Mike did offer up a small sampling of the results, “When the system was put in place, I generated almost $10 million dollars in leads during my first month, with just $500 of marketing!”

The quality of the lead and the knowledge that the potential client has are two major benefits that Mike pointed out in this process. “They come into this relationship with a basic understanding of what they can expect and I’ve got a wealth of knowledge about their specific situation, which makes it incredibly easy to break the ice in that initial phone call,” noted Mike.

5 Core Client-Interfacing Processes You Should Have Documented for Your Small to Mid-Sized Enterprise (SME)

In this video, Granison Shines – CMO and Business Optimizer at Direct Business Marketing, talks about the one of the biggest mistakes small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) have within their business – Not Having Their Process Documented.

“As small of problem as it seems, small to mid-sized businesses run into BIG problems when there’s no structure.  It’s been proven that businesses that have well documented and implemented process are more productive, efficient, and profitable, as for example having a good website design for your business, but luckily there are services like Web design agency Liverpool which can help with this.  Besides, there has to be a reason why there’s multi-billion dollar industry built around business process optimization (BPO).  The reason, because some business owners know the advantage and financial gain of having such process documented and in operation.” – Granison Shines

Take a look at the video and give Granison a shout if you have any questions.  He can be reached at 602 369-8119 or via email at [email protected].

Checking Your Website For Mobile Optimization From Your Desktop Browser. Here’s How and Why…

I often get the question, “How can I tell whether or not my website is mobile optimized…?”

Well, in this short video I tell you how you can tell right from your desktop.  This is going to play a big part in how you convert leads – NOW! Watch the video here – .

Hit me back if you have any questions or call me at 602 369-8119.

HPC Seller Leads Widget


NEW IN THE INDUSTRY: Seller Leads widget on every page of your website!  Wow!

Keeping your competitive edge for seller lead generation has never been easier for new agents and tenured professionals.  We’re introducing an extremely affordable version of our hot selling product, the Home Profit Calculator or HPC – it’s called the HPC Widget.  No set-up costs, just one low monthly fee.

Now you can have your very own HPC, as a widget, for any and every page of your website; yes the embed version is still available as well, so you can embed the HPC into any of your websites as well.  Sweet huh?

You still have access to all the great features:

  • Friendly user-interface
  • Easy to use backend to manage leads, reports, colors, etc.
  • Ability to change standard video to your own
  • Port leads into your existing CRM via our API (one-time CRM set-up fee of $20 / CRM connection)
  • Customizable report options
  • Mobile friendly / responsive technology
  • Plus much more…

Take a look at in action here – Wells Realty Law (take a look at the orange widget at the bottom left).  The widget can also be customized with your colors and in a different location.

Click the following link to ‘HPC Widget Order Form’ (Right click and then click ‘Save as…”).  When you order, if desired, we will connect to your CRM at no charge until July 31st.  Send the order form back to me at [email protected].




Website Health Check – Are You Mobile-Geddon Ready?

armageddonSomething happened on Tuesday, April 21st that you should be aware of….MOBILE-GEDDON!!!

I know it sounds a little corny—but that’s what the Google insiders are calling it. Mobile-Geddon is simple a major update by Google to change its search algorithm that changed the order in which websites are ranked when users search for something from their phone.

Google’s search algorithm will now favor mobile friendly websites. So, things like large text, links that are easy to click on, and pages that resize automatically to fit whatever screen they’re being viewed on are all factors in how high your website will rank. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it will be demoted.

The drive behind this change is obviously. Sixty percent (60%) of online traffic now comes from mobile devices and Google’s intention has always been to give the user a positive experience when searching.

The update was announced in February to give webmasters a chance to make any necessary changes. Fortunately, if your website was built by Direct Business Marketing, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

The big concern with this change is the effect on small businesses, and since we work exclusively with small businesses, we’re passing that information on to you.
To check on the mobile-friendly nature of your website, we suggest you jump on Google’s mobile-friendly test site. You’ll find it here…

If you should find that you website isn’t mobile-friendly, give us a call immediately or email Granison at [email protected].  We can help with that.



Marketing System for Real Estate Agents

When it comes to Real Estate Marketing, we’ve know that it’s all about generating quality leads.  For that fact, we’ve instituted a full lead generating marketing solution.  Check out the video below to see a demo.

Handling Step 1 Leads from your HPC Pay Per Click Campaign

We’ve been looking at Step 1 leads and how to deal with them. From our research, Step 1 leads are turning into listings…but if you don’t follow up, they turn into listings for other agents. Here’s a solution to following up with those leads.

Ask A Marketing Question | Importance of a Blog

Ask your question in the comment section below or send it via email to [email protected]



Building Value In Your Offer

Today we’re going to continue our subject on copywriting and we’re going to get into the thick of things when you are writing copy. I have a laundry list of items to go through that I’ll break down so you can really get the idea of what we’re talking about in each particular section. Right now we’re going to talk about building value in the copywriting process.

This mindset stems from understanding how to position value with words and information that you’ll be communicating about your product or service. You want to have an increased opportunity to let your market know what you’re talking about. So today we’re really talking about offers. When we talk about offers it is perhaps the most important piece of your marketing campaign. One of the things you want to do is demonstrate the value of its worth. If you have product where you have several different components you want to add a dollar value to each of those. One other way to build value is to show what the product brings versus the value it has compared to some other products. Also demonstrate contrast with certain products and one of the intangibles is to talk about the time and money it took build the product.

We’re talking about copywriting again, but I used the marketing assessment as the download that you want to get because you also want to have the strategy effectively working when writing your copy. I also want you to look at our nurture marketing campaign on our website. This is important because it is where the copywriting really comes into play. You’ll be leveraging your writing skills and emails that are going out. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your nurture marketing campaign further please feel free to call me directly or get in touch with me via email

Give The Customer What They Want Through Effective Copywriting

We’re talking about copywriting and how this flows into your nurture campaign; just a reminder that you continue marketing to the people that are in your database. This is where your copywriting skills are going to become more prevalent and really play its part in making sure you upsell current clients and convert leads to clients. By joining the real world andrew tate, you can acquire the skills how to master the art of copywriting and secure a list of high-paying clients.

In writing your marketing piece you want to communicate what customers want. You want to make sure you give them three things. First, give them value added in advance. They are looking for value and information that they can use to help grow their business or sell their product or service. Communicate value to them at every point in the situation, even if you are writing about non-business related stuff. Second, they want a trusted advisor so make sure it comes from someone that is from a face or name within the organization, no from a “Do Not Reply” email address. Third, give them an adequate solution. They are still looking for adequate solutions for what they need so don’t hesitate to ask for a sale or an upsell.

Again you want to convert the people that are just leads. They are still looking for a solution and you can give that to them because you now have permission to communicate with them. You can give this to them by giving them solid, on-point information.

Look at our nurture marketing campaign on our website. You’ll see all the nurture campaigns, there are five that you should have activated within your organization. Remember, you want to upsell to your current customers and convert your leads into clients. Also feel free to give me a call or get in touch with me via email if you have any questions regarding what I covered today or how our nurture marketing campaigns can help your business.

Add A Story To Your Copywriting

We are continuing our conversation on copywriting and, more so, how this feeds into your nurture marketing campaign. Your nurture campaign should be heavily focused on copywriting because you’re going to use email and video to communicate the information you want to your new clients, existing clients, new leads and existing leads. These are the four different types of people that you should have in your database and they are the most neglected piece when it comes to marketing to your database. Some people get a client or lead and don’t follow up on it, don’t try to upsell or convert them to a client. This is imperative and, again, this is where your copywriting skills will show their case for the cause. You’re writing to them, you’re communicating with them and when you do this there are certain pieces that you need to get across, one of them is the story. This works really well if you’re converting leads to clients; you want to make sure you have a story associated with your email campaign.

When you’re writing your story make it emotional; the more emotional it is, the better. Make the story time-saving. Communicate how your product or service can save them time or money, which are two things that are critical to their want and needs. Next, talk about their experience; it can be pleasant or bad. Number five is to make it results oriented – show or tell them how your product or service has helped other clients.

Nurture campaigns are an important part of your business so please check out our website to check out the difference types of campaigns you should have going out to the people in your database right now as well as the number of different services we have to offer.