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Can I Put the SoS Calc on My Site?

Yes, you can put your SoS Calc form on other websites. This is done using the IFRAME HTML tag.

Depending on your website set-up you may need to get your current webmaster to assist you. Or, post your question below and our staff will help out.

Copy and Paste HTML Code:
NOTE: change mysosdomain with your domain name.

In the above code there are options that you can tweak to change how the form looks.

Wide vs. Narrow

Notice in the code type=wide. This code can be changed to type=narrow, and the video will display over the form instead of next it.

Also, in order to change the width of the actual IFRAME container you will also need to change the width and the height settings. The recommended settings are:

Narrow: w=560 h=1700
Wide: w=960 h=600

But, these can be tweaked depending on your website’s design.

Width of Video

The width of the video can be changed by changing the value of width=558. This is handy when you want to use the wide type option, but it is just a little too wide. You can shrink down the width by shrinking down the video size.


The scheme setting changes the color of the text. If you have a white background then you would want black text, and if you background is dark – you would want white text. To change the text color simply change the scheme=black setting to either: black or white.

Marketing Strategy Development Method – DIET PLAN

The Marketing Methodology Designed to Trim Every Ounce of Fat Out of Your Marketing Efforts to Produce a Lean, Profit-Producing Marketing Machine.

More about the DIET PLAN

3 Tips to Cut FAT Out of Your Marketing

Marketing – A business building activity you have to do in order to get your products and services in front of your ideal client.  It’s a necessary evil for business growth. And it is this necessary evil that causes businesses to throw money at marketing budgets, oblivious to the results.

In fact, statistics show that 76% of all marketing activities are ineffective.  That equates to billions of wasted dollars every year.  So, in this article, we are going to give you three tips that you can adhere to — right now – that will help cut the waste out of your marketing.

Tip #1: Know your budget and stick to it

Do you have the slightest clue what the budget is for your marketing campaign?  If your answer is “no” you have a problem. Not knowing your marketing budget is one of the quickest ways to hemorrhage money from your business.  The first thing we would recommend is assigning a percentage of the business’ income to the marketing budget – 10% is a good start.  From there, you can allocate money to a variety of marketing activities.

Tip #2: Know how to calculate your ROI

The ability to calculate your marketing Return on Investment (ROI) is critical.  It’s the one true metric that will signal the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.  Observing how much you have spent and what you got back in return helps you direct your future marketing efforts. Thus, the question becomes, where do you start in calculating your ROI?

The formula for calculating your marketing ROI is fairly simple, especially if you have a predefined marketing budget (see Tip #1).  First, subtract your marketing expenses from your gross profit. Then, divide that number by your marketing expenses to determine your ROI ratio. For example, ABC Store spends $10,000 in marketing and has a gross profit of $40,000. Their ROI is calculated as follows…

Basically, for every dollar ABC Store spends in marketing, they can expect $3 in profit. As your marketing campaigns evolve this ratio is a clear indication of whether your efforts are a step in the right direction.

The DROC™ Internet Marketing solution comes standard with everything you need to capture, store, and nurture leads. Included are items such as a lead capture form, lead capture database, autoresponders, customized look-and-feel which matches your company’s branding, audio & video ready, website analytics integration, SEO integration and more…

Tip #3: Know where your marketing dollars are going

It’s often easiest to simply write a check to a marketing firm and trust that they are creating a marketing campaign with a variety of different activities to boost your bottom line. You might have yellow page ads, blogs, videos, direct mail, pay-per-click campaigns, or email campaigns, just to name a few. You may be left to wonder how much is being spent on each activity. With Direct Business Marketing, you won’t have to guess. We’ll provide you with a report so that you can see for yourself. It’s your money and your marketing campaign. Shouldn’t you know where that money is going?

Muscle Up Your Marketing

With all of the recent attention being brought to professional athletes taking performance enhancing drugs, it occurred to us that “being on the juice” has taken on a negative connotation.  But what about your online marketing?  Did you know that you can muscle up your online marketing with a little “Google Juice.”

What does “Google Juice” mean?

“Google Juice” is a slang term that simply means your website is liked by Google and gets high placement for the specific key terms it was targeting.

With the Targeted Niche Traffic (TNT) Lead Generation system you can generate your own “Google Juice” by having a network of websites that are all designed to focus on one business niche.  We refer to this as the Starbucks effect, because like Starbucks, you’ll be found everywhere!

Two Key Ingredients to “Google Juice”

#1 = Relevance
Notice the last two words of the previous sentence “Aiming at.”  The two most common reasons why online marketing fails are either (1) you are targeting too many key terms or (2) you aren’t targeting any terms at any.  A search engine, like Google, is looking at how relevant your web page is to the searched phrase. Google and all of the other search engines out there are focusing on every aspect of the web page in order to give the searcher the most relevant information available. Some items to check for relevance are:

  • Domain Name – does your domain name have your target key terms in it?
  • Meta – does your site’s meta data (keywords, title, description) contain your key terms?
  • Content – does the text or copy on the web page contain your key terms?

#2 = Backlinks
Backlinks are simply links from other websites back to your website. So, you should consider what alliances you can form or what organizations you belong to that can link from their website to yours.  When you create these links, don’t just link your business name.  Create a link with purpose by having the link contain a key term – that simple trick will give you more “Google Juice.”

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Internet Marketing Solutions that Actually Generate Leads

Learn about DBM’s internet solutions and campaigns.

The Perfect Marriage – How Copywriting and Marketing Can Increase Your Sales Revenue

In a recent poll, four out of five small business owners believed that copywriting, and marketing were the same thing. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It is true that the two go hand in hand, which is why we evaluate both of these critical items when we meet with prospective clients.

Copywriting is simply the delicate use of words to convey your thoughts, products, services and ideas. It is critical that these words connect with your target audience in a way that evokes a response. Whether these words are written and read or spoken and heard, they are the backbone of your marketing materials.

Marketing, in its most general sense, is the art of finding the right people to persuade. Marketing doesn’t begin with a product or an idea. It starts with the customers that want or need your product or service.

When a business links its marketing efforts with its copywriting the results are amazing—saying the right words to the right people creates a perfect marriage. The problem is, most marketing businesses hire a third-party company to write copy, creating a disconnect between the product and the customer.

When you hire Direct Business Marketing, you get a company with internal copy writers that understand the crucial connection between the customer and your product or service. That connection shows itself in a variety of items such as:

  • Testimonials
  • A call-to-action
  • A soft offer / bait piece
  • Case studies
  • Product / service examples

Great copywriting is useless when presented to the wrong audience. Furthermore, marketing efforts are wasted if your customers don’t understand what you provide. Copywriting and marketing—directly connected by Direct Business Marketing.

Our Marketing Campaigns conveniently bundle our services together, allowing you to have a complete campaign – from start to finish. We have seven unique Marketing Campaigns from which you can choose.