The Marketing Methodology Designed to Trim Every Ounce of Fat Out of Your Marketing Efforts to Produce a Lean, Profit-Producing Marketing Machine.

When it comes to marketing your products and services, there has to be a direct approach to convey your messages to the target market about the features and benefits of your product and/or service. Anything else falls short of making the most powerful impact possible.

Unfortunately, statistics show that of a company’s expenditures, marketing is one of the biggest waste factors. In fact 76% of all marketing dollars can be constituted as waste in a company’s budget. For this reason, DBM has developed a marketing methodology that can be continually applied to help market your products and services successfully. The end result will be a marketing machine that eliminates the monetary waste and trims the fat out of your company’s marketing campaigns. It’s a process that we will continually repeat to maximize profit and grow your business.



  • D.

    the Marketing Plan

  • I.

    INVESTIGATE & Identify the Investment

  • E.

    the Technological Systems

  • T.

    TEST the Market with a Small / Mini Campaign and Track the Results

  • P.

    PRESENT the Entire Campaign to a Larger Universe

  • L.

    LISTEN to the Market’s Feedback Based on Response to the Campaign

  • A.

    ANALYZE the Data Collected from the Full Roll-Out of the Campaign

  • N.

    NEGATE the Problems to Sell More Products / Services



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