Can I Put the SoS Calc on My Site?

Yes, you can put your SoS Calc form on other websites. This is done using the IFRAME HTML tag.

Depending on your website set-up you may need to get your current webmaster to assist you. Or, post your question below and our staff will help out.

Copy and Paste HTML Code:
NOTE: change mysosdomain with your domain name.

In the above code there are options that you can tweak to change how the form looks.

Wide vs. Narrow

Notice in the code type=wide. This code can be changed to type=narrow, and the video will display over the form instead of next it.

Also, in order to change the width of the actual IFRAME container you will also need to change the width and the height settings. The recommended settings are:

Narrow: w=560 h=1700
Wide: w=960 h=600

But, these can be tweaked depending on your website’s design.

Width of Video

The width of the video can be changed by changing the value of width=558. This is handy when you want to use the wide type option, but it is just a little too wide. You can shrink down the width by shrinking down the video size.


The scheme setting changes the color of the text. If you have a white background then you would want black text, and if you background is dark – you would want white text. To change the text color simply change the scheme=black setting to either: black or white.

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