Virtual Consultation A $10M Game Changer for Mortgage Firm

Closing any mortgage deal starts with finding the right customers and getting certified credit solutions. “Mike” (name changed to protect his identity) has spent years in the mortgage industry with many of the same problems as other sales professionals… getting potential clients to agree to a consultation and overcoming the objection to that first meeting.

In 2014, his lead generation process changed dramatically by doing two simple things, overcoming the objection with a Virtual Mortgage Consultation, and at the same time, positioning himself as the mortgage expert. “My customers have loved the process because they are getting a number of their questions answered without having to agree to a meeting,” said Mike, “and I get to be the one that gives them those answers, which makes me the expert in their eyes.”

Reluctant to give too many details on this newly discovered lead generation gold mine, Mike did offer up a small sampling of the results, “When the system was put in place, I generated almost $10 million dollars in leads during my first month, with just $500 of marketing!”

The quality of the lead and the knowledge that the potential client has are two major benefits that Mike pointed out in this process. “They come into this relationship with a basic understanding of what they can expect and I’ve got a wealth of knowledge about their specific situation, which makes it incredibly easy to break the ice in that initial phone call,” noted Mike.

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