5 Core Client-Interfacing Processes You Should Have Documented for Your Small to Mid-Sized Enterprise (SME)

In this video, Granison Shines – CMO and Business Optimizer at Direct Business Marketing, talks about the one of the biggest mistakes small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) have within their business – Not Having Their Process Documented.

“As small of problem as it seems, small to mid-sized businesses run into BIG problems when there’s no structure.  It’s been proven that businesses that have well documented and implemented process are more productive, efficient, and profitable, as for example having a good website design for your business, but luckily there are services like Web design agency Liverpool which can help with this.  Besides, there has to be a reason why there’s multi-billion dollar industry built around business process optimization (BPO).  The reason, because some business owners know the advantage and financial gain of having such process documented and in operation.” – Granison Shines

Take a look at the video and give Granison a shout if you have any questions.  He can be reached at 602 369-8119 or via email at [email protected].

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