What Are You Selling? Your Marketing Message Depends Upon This

Are you selling your widget or you? This video today is going to cover what you’re selling, which depends on the type of business you have: low cost leader, product innovator or customer intimate businesses.

It’s very important to understand that your advertising message is going to depend on the type of business you have. If you’re a low cost leader, such as Wal-Mart or Best Buy, the relationship doesn’t really matter because it’s a commodity product; your advertising is focused more on price. If you’re a product innovator, you’ll focus on the features and benefits of your product, such as Apple, HP, Samsung, for example to help the consumer make their decision based on those things rather than price. When you get to a customer intimate business, it’s all about you. You’re selling you and they’re buying you. The products and services they can get from someone else, but if you sell yourself, they’ll be more apt to buy from you. If you give them good information, then you’re selling you. If you’re a real estate agent, a marketing company, or an insurance agent, they’ll buy from you because you communicate with them and you sell yourself to them. Price and product can be important, but the relationship is more important than those two.

If you’d like more information on determining your business type and how you should market your business, please contact me, Granison Shines, at Direct Business Marketing. You can reach me via email at [email protected] or telephone at 602.369.8119. I’d also like to remind you to download our Marketing Assessment from https://directbusinessmarketing.com/ma; our unique marketing assessment can help you determine which type of marketing avenues are best for your business and customer type, so please check it out today. Thanks again for coming to our Get Direct live marketing webinars; I look forward to seeing you next week, same place and time.

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