Using Video SEO To Move Your Website To The Top Of Google’s List

Are you looking for a new Search Engine Optimization technique for your webpage? Direct Business Marketing suggests using video SEO for a number of reasons. First of all, if you’re not using video as one of your marketing techniques, you should really do a marketing evaluation of your company and try to implement video into your marketing campaign. “Why?” you may be asking. It’s simple: people love to watch video and would rather simply watch a video rather than read a block of text. Using videos and video SEO as part of your marketing strategy also puts you on a more personal level with the consumer. They’ll hear your tone of voice, see your body language and facial expressions. Using video in your marketing evaluation helps the consumer come to know you and trust you. It’s for these reasons that you should do a marketing evaluation and see if using video would fit into your business model.

But what does this have to do with video SEO? When you use videos on your website, it actually moves your webpage to the top of the search engine’s results and showcases your video along with the link to your website. Is there a better way to get you noticed on Google or Yahoo and drive traffic to your site? Direct Business Marketing specializes in video SEO. We have you create a video, upload it to your website as well as YouTube. In the comments section of YouTube, we always encourage you to put your website link. By doing this, it ensures that your video (and website link) will be indexed into Google’s search engine and lets Google know your content exists.

Because of the ever changing search algorithms that Google uses for its search results, it’s impossible to know what type of text and content will get your website on the first page of their results. One thing we do know, though, is that by utilizing video on your website and employing video SEO techniques, your website and video suddenly are towards the beginning of the consumers search result list.

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