People Love Video So Why Not Use Video SEO As Part Of Your Marketing Process

Did you know that YouTube streams over 100 million videos every single day and 3 billion hours of media are watched each month on their site? When you see a statistic like this, it’s hard not to believe that video has really taken off as a way to reach out to the general public. With that being said, why wouldn’t you try to implement video SEO into your marketing process? Hop on to to find the best and affordable SEO services that can be used to promote your site’s visibility.

It’s apparent from the aforementioned statistics that people love watching video; when you use video on your website, it only attracts consumers more. When you use video on your website as part of your marketing process it also allows you to take advantage of video SEO. According to a luxury SEO agency, video SEO is a marketing technique that you can use to improve your search engine rankings and generate more traffic to your website. It’s a marketing process that has proven successful for many small business owners because it can sometimes garner a first page ranking and isn’t that what everyone strives for?

If you’re interested in using video SEO, there a few things you can do along with it to ensure the best search rankings possible. First of all, use keywords in your video title and description. Search engines can’t tell what kind of content your video contains so it’s important to show this through the title and description. It’s important to really think about what types of keywords and phrases a consumer might type into a search engine to get your video to show up in the results. With the help of Aicoosoft you can also convert your video.

Video SEO is a great way to generate more traffic, leads and sales on your business’s website. With the number of people that are now choosing to watch video instead of read text, one can assume that this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Use video SEO as part of your marketing process today and you’ll see that it can help you get the results you’re looking for.

Need More Traffic To Your Website? Try Video SEO

Do you already utilize SEO as part of your business’s marketing process, but are looking for further ways to generate more traffic to your website and improve your search result rankings? If so, you can always consider using video content on your website in order to take advantage of video SEO. Recently, it seems that search engines, such as Google, have been giving websites that use video SEO better result rankings than websites that don’t. If you know anything at all about the success of YouTube, over 100 million videos are streamed everyday on their website; more consumers every day are choosing to watch videos rather than read text. In fact, in a recent study it was shown that when a website uses video SEO as part of their marketing process, they are 53 times more likely to get their website listed on the first page of search results over those websites that don’t use video SEO. This seems like something you should consider for your marketing process, isn’t it?

There are a few tips and suggestions we can offer you to take advantage of the benefits of SEO. First, if you’re hesitant to get in front of a camera and record yourself, there are other ways that you can reap the benefits of video SEO. Search engines also consider animated graphics or PowerPoint presentations as video as well, so rather than showing a video of yourself, you can always create something instead. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that if you do record yourself, it can garner you more bonus points with consumers in that it builds on the relationship you have with them because they can physically see you, your body language and facial expressions.

If you’re looking to generate more traffic to your website and would like to get the best search engine rankings possible, we highly recommend that you add video SEO into your marketing process. A top SEO agency I know is in Newcastle upon Tyne UK, they offer safe and clean SEO strategy. The results you could see to your business will astound you.

Direct Business Marketing Can Help You With Your Video SEO Campaign

If you’re thinking about starting a video SEO campaign and are looking for a marketing firm that can help you with that, Direct Business Marketing (DBM) can provide you with an affordable video SEO service that you’ll find matches your marketing objectives. There are some things that they can help you with to get started on your video SEO campaign.

First of all, make videos that are only a few minutes long and post them on YouTube. Google owns YouTube so naturally, they’ll post videos that are on YouTube in their search results. Also, as we’ve stated before, use keywords in your video’s title to ensure that it pulls correctly within the search results. Using long tail keywords will also help move your video and website up in the rankings rather than short sale terms. It’s important that you upload a new video every few days to keep your content current as well.

If you happen to be wondering what the benefits of a video SEO campaign can be for your business, here are couple of reasons that you should choose video SEO for your business’s website – read at Local Client Takeover. First of all, people love video. YouTube is one of the most viewed websites in the world because people love to watch video. Also, if you use a video SEO campaign for your business, it gives you the chance to showcase your expertise and create a more personal relationship with consumers. When they watch your videos they’ll be able to see your body language and facial expressions. This comes across so much better than just reading text on a webpage. People are going to buy products and services from people that they know, like and trust, so using a video SEO campaign will put you out there and help you earn the trust of your potential clients.

If you are interested in starting a video SEO campaign and want to know how DBM can help you meet your marketing objectives, contact one of their experience marketing consultants today for more help and information on launching one of the best campaigns you possibly can for your business.

Using Video SEO Is A Marketing Strategy That Will Continue To Provide Results

If you have already started using a video SEO campaign to move your website up in search engine rankings and to help you meet some of your marketing objectives then you have made a fantastic decision for your company. It is projected that the benefits and advantages of a video SEO campaign will stick around for quite some time because the popularity of video, and YouTube, is a fairly new trend. The competition may become fiercer to achieve first page search rankings, but the total number of websites on the internet still greatly outweighs those that contain video and because of this there’s still the possibility to take advantage of a video SEO campaign.

There are a few important things to know when trying to stay competitive with your video SEO campaign and if you stick to these tips, you may have the advantage over other business’s and their video SEO campaigns. First, remember that video SEO caters more towards long tail search terms. If you use a longer search term it’s likely to do better with Google’s algorithms. Another tip is to upload the video multiple times with different titles. Google doesn’t actually know the content of the video, so whatever you put in the title is what it is going to pull off of. One other suggestion to obtain a higher ranking is to have the title of your video match the title tag of your page because, again, Google bases their results off of the title of the video.

Using a video SEO campaign and applying it to your marketing objectives can help you gain more leads, traffic and sales to your website. It’s a marketing strategy that can provide you with great success for your business and will continue to provide results for the foreseeable future.

Using Video SEO To Increase Traffic To Your Website

You may already be using an SEO add-on for your business’s website but are still looking for additional ways to meet your marketing objectives and get more traffic to your website, you may want to consider adding video to your website to boost your search rankings even more. This technique is known as video SEO and can be very effective in getting your website even better search engine results than just a regular SEO campaign. You may be wondering why video SEO would have such better results than a regular SEO campaign and that’s a good question.

As of late, it’s seemed that Google and other popular search engines are giving their top ranking search results to websites that have video on them. These search engines are forever changing the algorithms that they use to search and index websites, but lately they seem to be catering to those that have video content on them. Video SEO can be used in conjunction with your regular SEO campaign to better meet your business’s marketing objectives. In the past few years, video trends on the internet have taken off. YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the entire world and it’s a marketing scheme that many business owners are taking advantage of to promote their brand awareness. Video is a new and exciting way to reach out to your customers on a more personal level; if you’re looking to expand your customer base, it shows the potential client exactly who you are and lets them see that you’re a person they can trust because you know what you’re talking about with regards to your products.

Taking advantage of video SEO is something that you should really consider for your business; some websites that would have never even received a first page ranking among search results were getting them after using video SEO to marketing their website. Using video SEO in conjunction with your regular SEO campaign is a good way to increase the traffic to your website, generate leads and sales and help meet the marketing objectives of your business.

Using Video SEO To Move Your Website To The Top Of Google’s List

Are you looking for a new Search Engine Optimization technique for your webpage? Direct Business Marketing suggests using video SEO for a number of reasons. First of all, if you’re not using video as one of your marketing techniques, you should really do a marketing evaluation of your company and try to implement video into your marketing campaign. “Why?” you may be asking. It’s simple: people love to watch video and would rather simply watch a video rather than read a block of text. Using videos and video SEO as part of your marketing strategy also puts you on a more personal level with the consumer. They’ll hear your tone of voice, see your body language and facial expressions. Using video in your marketing evaluation helps the consumer come to know you and trust you. It’s for these reasons that you should do a marketing evaluation and see if using video would fit into your business model.

But what does this have to do with video SEO? When you use videos on your website, it actually moves your webpage to the top of the search engine’s results and showcases your video along with the link to your website. Is there a better way to get you noticed on Google or Yahoo and drive traffic to your site? Direct Business Marketing specializes in video SEO. We have you create a video, upload it to your website as well as YouTube. In the comments section of YouTube, we always encourage you to put your website link. By doing this, it ensures that your video (and website link) will be indexed into Google’s search engine and lets Google know your content exists.

Because of the ever changing search algorithms that Google uses for its search results, it’s impossible to know what type of text and content will get your website on the first page of their results. One thing we do know, though, is that by utilizing video on your website and employing video SEO techniques, your website and video suddenly are towards the beginning of the consumers search result list.

Using Traditional SEO Is Great, But Using Video SEO Is Even Better

One of the Marketing Truths that Direct Business Marketing encourages small business owners to implement into their marketing process is, “Videos, Views, Victory!” But what does this mean exactly? It means that when you utilize video content in your marketing process, whether it be on your website, social media account or on a YouTube channel, people love to watch video and it can do great things for your marketing process and campaign.

One use of video that we’d like to talk about today is video content on your website. When you use video content on your website it, not only does it appeal to consumers, but it also helps your search engine rankings by taking advantage of video SEO. You may already know what SEO is and video SEO is just an extension of that. When you use video content on your website, search engines tend to feature your website more and give it a better search engine ranking than those websites that don’t use video content.

There are a few other reasons as to why you should use video SEO techniques on your website. It’s estimated that a website that uses video SEO services is over 50 times more likely to receive an organic first page ranking than those web pages that don’t. That’s a statistic you shouldn’t really ignore if you’re considering using video SEO to help your website. Also, video SEO utilizes long tail searches, meaning you can target a longer search phrase with your video title or description; you can’t really do this with traditional SEO and using keywords on your website. Lastly, when you use video SEO, it doesn’t matter how old your website is. With traditional SEO, Google takes your website’s age into consideration when deciding where to rank it. Video SEO gets rid of this concept and can boost you to the top of the results page

Using any type of SEO in your marketing process is a great thing for your website, but we’d like to encourage you to take it to the next level and implement the use of video SEO into your marketing campaign as well. The increase in traffic that you could potentially receive can do great things for your business and your website.

Don’t Forget The Link!

Hello my name is Andrew Houglum with Direct Business Marketing and today we’re going to talk about a quick little tip that I don’t see some people doing when they upload marketing videos to YouTube, so I just want this to be a reminder. When you’re uploading your marketing videos to YouTube, this is something you should be doing on a regular basis, make sure in the description of your video you’re putting a link to your call to action. When you copy and paste your link to your call to action, make sure it has the http:// at the beginning; so, for example, instead of just putting you should put that way you can have a full URL. We’ve done many other video webinars talking about the power of YouTube, the power of video and search convergence.

Again, don’t forget to put a link to your call to action and when you put your links in don’t forget to put the http:// at the beginning of the link. Here’s my contact information, again my name is Andrew Houglum with Direct Business Marketing. You can reach me via email at [email protected] or give me a call at 602.571.5803. I would also like to remind you to join us every Wednesday at 10am PST for our Get Direct Webinars where we talk about different aspects of marketing and tips on how to make your marketing plan work better for your business. One last thing, to get your free marketing assessment document and questionnaire check out This is a quick and easy questionnaire that will help you determine what the best types of marketing are for your specific business. Again, thank you for joining me today and I look forward to seeing you next week at our Get Direct marketing webinar.

YouTube is Listening – Online Marketing with Video

Thanks for joining us with another Get Direct Online

Marketing webinars. Today we are talking about video

marketing with YouTube. We strongly suggest to all of our

clients that they use video. The more video you make, the

greater your results. And you can kill several birds with

one stone in your online marketing efforts while making


Youtube is actively transcribing your videos. When you

make a video be sure that you speak clearly at the

beginning of your video, using keywords. Use these

keywords as often and as naturally as possible.

Take advantage of those initial few words that are

transcribed by YouTube and, in turn, searched by Google.

Your online marketing process will benefit by making this

one little change.

Posting Video to YouTube – Best Practices

No online marketing strategy is complete without a plan to move up the “organic” rankings.  One of the easiest ways to help your cause is by posting video blogs.  A video blog post on your SoS website does a number of things:

  1. It allows the visitor to “get to know you” – this is critical, because real estate is such a relationship business.
  2. It gives Google content via the text you post on your website and the video you post on YouTube.

There are multiple ways to enhance your vidoe blogging efforts. Creating a few good habits from the list below will generate positive results both in the short term and long term.

Simple Steps to Help Your Video Blogging Efforts

  • Keep your videos short.  Each video should be under 3 minutes with 2 minutes as your goal.
  • Follow this simple formula:
    1. Introduction – who are you and where are you or where are the people you serve
    2. Connect with the viewer – the goal is to get each viewer to identify with you and reach that moment where they say “This video is relevant to me!” For example, “I help homeowners in Northern California avoid foreclosure” or “I sell muffler belts for 1986 Camaros” Whatever your niche is, we want the viewer to realize immediately that this video is for them.
    3. Display your expertise – inevitably, you know more about your product/service than somebody searching for your product/service. Let them know that you are the expert they are looking for.  Give the viewer a reason to choose you or your product/service.
    4. Call to action – Tell the viewer what to do next. The average web surfer is only looking for what they can click on next. So, TELL THEM what to click on next.
  • Make several videos at a time… It saves you time!  Block out 1 hour a week and you can make and post as many as 5 videos.
  • Topics: FAQs, Bank Processes, Federal Programs, Reasons to Short Sale, Short Sales vs. Alternatives, and SAQs (should ask questions – i.e. what questions “should” the homeowner ask, but isn’t)
  • Repeat!  A visitor that is on your website today, wasn’t there 3 months ago; so it doesn’t hurt to talk about major topics once a quarter.  Plus, you now have more videos on the same topic helping you to dominate that search term.
  • Title it right.  Make sure you include your area and a key phrase in your title.  For example, if my video is on Wells Fargo’s short sale process, I might title my video: “Wells Fargo Short Sale Process – Phoenix Short Sale Help”  or “Wells Fargo Short Sale Process | Phoenix Short Sale Specialist”
  • Put your call-to-action into your YouTube description.  That is, start your YouTube descriptions with “” – make sure to include the “http://” part as that tells YouTube you want a link and not just text. This puts viewers one click away from your lead capture page.
  • And finally, remember that while you want thousands of people to see your video, you’re still talking to just ONE potential customer.


Viral Video Marketing

Viral Video Marketing

People love video! Video marketing has been proven to be one of the best marketing mediums a business can utilize to generate an ROI from its investment. This is true for product-based businesses, service-based businesses, and information-based businesses collectively. So now the question becomes, “How can you use video marketing to leverage your product, service, or information to my target market, while at the same time, get found in the search engines?”

Our Viral Video Marketing service satisfies three critical components of online marketing:

  1. positioning you as the expert in the eyes of your customers
  2. positioning you as the expert in the eyes of the search engines
  3. creating fresh content for the search engine and the customer

We’ve bundled these three critical components together as one affordable monthly investment to save you money and increase your ROI!

The Viral Video Marketing system is highly flexible. You can now create your own package according to your monthly budget. Additionally, DBM also provides a “Best Practices” document to enhance the video marketing experience and creates small improvements to your marketing effort without an additional cost.

Finally DBM offers free product updates and invaluable free weekly marketing webinars, as well as access to our previous marketing webinars with suggestions on how to best use your marketing system.

75% of business executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. ~Forbes

DBM’s VVM service now includes:

  • The video – which you, the client, make following our Video Best Practices document.
  • Search Engine Optimization – anywhere from 4 – 12 keywords which we aim towards your target audience.
  • Content Submission – where we create 1 – 5 keyword rich articles per week and post them to your website as fresh, new content.


  • Your videos are blasted out to your website and many others
  • Additional text content is added to your site weekly to keep the search engines satisfied between videos
  • Links into your website are created weekly to ensure your place in the search engines
  • Customizable packages based on your budget

Ready to get started? Call (888) 571-5803 or Chat with us at the bottom of this page now.