Viral Video Marketing

People love video! Video marketing has been proven to be one of the best marketing mediums a business can utilize to generate an ROI from its investment. This is true for product-based businesses, service-based businesses, and information-based businesses collectively. So now the question becomes, “How can you use video marketing to leverage your product, service, or information to my target market, while at the same time, get found in the search engines?”

Our Viral Video Marketing service satisfies three critical components of online marketing:

  1. positioning you as the expert in the eyes of your customers
  2. positioning you as the expert in the eyes of the search engines
  3. creating fresh content for the search engine and the customer

We’ve bundled these three critical components together as one affordable monthly investment to save you money and increase your ROI!

The Viral Video Marketing system is highly flexible. You can now create your own package according to your monthly budget. Additionally, DBM also provides a “Best Practices” document to enhance the video marketing experience and creates small improvements to your marketing effort without an additional cost.

Finally DBM offers free product updates and invaluable free weekly marketing webinars, as well as access to our previous marketing webinars with suggestions on how to best use your marketing system.

75% of business executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. ~Forbes

DBM’s VVM service now includes:

  • The video – which you, the client, make following our Video Best Practices document.
  • Search Engine Optimization – anywhere from 4 – 12 keywords which we aim towards your target audience.
  • Content Submission – where we create 1 – 5 keyword rich articles per week and post them to your website as fresh, new content.


  • Your videos are blasted out to your website and many others
  • Additional text content is added to your site weekly to keep the search engines satisfied between videos
  • Links into your website are created weekly to ensure your place in the search engines
  • Customizable packages based on your budget

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