Need More Traffic To Your Website? Try Video SEO

Do you already utilize SEO as part of your business’s marketing process, but are looking for further ways to generate more traffic to your website and improve your search result rankings? If so, you can always consider using video content on your website in order to take advantage of video SEO. Recently, it seems that search engines, such as Google, have been giving websites that use video SEO better result rankings than websites that don’t. If you know anything at all about the success of YouTube, over 100 million videos are streamed everyday on their website; more consumers every day are choosing to watch videos rather than read text. In fact, in a recent study it was shown that when a website uses video SEO as part of their marketing process, they are 53 times more likely to get their website listed on the first page of search results over those websites that don’t use video SEO. This seems like something you should consider for your marketing process, isn’t it?

There are a few tips and suggestions we can offer you to take advantage of the benefits of SEO. First, if you’re hesitant to get in front of a camera and record yourself, there are other ways that you can reap the benefits of video SEO. Search engines also consider animated graphics or PowerPoint presentations as video as well, so rather than showing a video of yourself, you can always create something instead. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that if you do record yourself, it can garner you more bonus points with consumers in that it builds on the relationship you have with them because they can physically see you, your body language and facial expressions.

If you’re looking to generate more traffic to your website and would like to get the best search engine rankings possible, we highly recommend that you add video SEO into your marketing process. A top SEO agency I know is in Newcastle upon Tyne UK, they offer safe and clean SEO strategy. The results you could see to your business will astound you.

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