“How Am I Going To Successfully Market My Real Estate Business?” – The Short Or Stay Calculator!

Direct Business Marketing’s Short or Stay Calculator is a great way for realtors around the country to market their real estate website and get the word about their real estate services out to the general public. Not only can our Short or Stay Calculator help you run a successful marketing campaign, it does so by helping you meet the marketing objectives that you have set for your business.

The Short or Stay Calculator is quick and easy for prospective customers to use and can help you, as a short sale and real estate agent, successfully market your real estate brand by generate leads and widening your customer base. When a homeowner visits your personalized website that was also created by us, there is a short form for them to complete. All it asks for is their contact information, property address and a few basic items about their mortgage. When they plug this information in to your Short or Stay Calculator, a report is generated detailing the homeowner’s property value as well as an outline of when they can expect their home to break even depending upon different rates of appreciation. When the report is emailed to the lead, it’s sent to you as well and helps you market your real estate business by presenting you as the expert in the field.

If you were looking for a new, technologically advanced way to market your real estate business and you weren’t sure how you were going to go about it, the Short or Stay Calculator from Direct Business Marketing is the way to go. When added to your website, it can help you generate traffic and leads that you deserve as a real estate agent. If you’d like more information on how the Short or Stay Calculator can help you meet all of the marketing objectives you have for your business while marketing your real estate, please contact an experienced marketing consultant at Direct Business Marketing today.

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