Your 2017 Marketing Planning and Budget Strategy – Where To Market

When you think about where you should be marketing, make sure to have our marketing process close in mind – Generate, Capture, Store, and Nurture.  This will help you lay the proper path for marketing success.

Focus on the “Generate” column, the marketing locations, because this is where you’re going to spend most of your marketing budget.  I’m not saying to not spend time on the other 3 sections, I’m just saying that a large portion of your marketing budget will be spent here.  Especially, if you’re running a large marketing campaign.

In this video, Granison Shines, CMO of Direct Business Marketing, discusses on how you should think about where you should be marketing.

If you have any questions, take advantage of your free consultation by getting on my calendar here –  There’s no obligation to reserve our services.

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