Realtors Across The Nation Are Raving About The SoS Calculator To Market Real Estate

If you are a frequent visitor at Bonnie Buys Houses Fast and stay current with the real estate and short sale world, you may have already heard about the Short or Stay Calculator that can help you market real estate and meet your marketing objectives.

If you haven’t heard about this technologically or from the company website it is an advanced way to generate leads and market real estate, we’d like to tell you a little bit about it today and the benefits that it can provide to you and your real estate business.

The Short or Stay Calculator is part of the Short or Stay Marketing System offered by Direct Business Marketing. When you use the Short or Stay Calculator to market real estate you are provided three things: an individualized website, the Short or Stay Calculator and various marketing materials to generate traffic to your website. The Short or Stay Calculator is what you utilize on your website to generate leads, which helps you meet your marketing objectives.

Many realtors that are interested in successfully marketing their real estate have turned to the Short or Stay Calculator because it’s as easy as a click here for the client to use and offers that a large amount of leads. All the homeowner has to do to use the Short or Stay Calculator is enter in their property address and some of their basic mortgage information. The calculator will then email them with a report providing them with an estimate of their property value as well as a break even analysis on their home if they’re underwater. From this they can determine if a short sale is in their best interest. The great part about this report is that you, as the realtor, get a copy of it as well. This allows you to further market your real estate skills by following up with that lead regarding a short sale.

As per companies like I Buy Pueblo Houses : the number of current realtors that use the Short or Stay program to market their real estate and meet the marketing objectives of their business is growing by the day; become part of a new trend in generating leads and growing your customer base by contacting Direct Business Marketing about using the Short or Stay Calculator to market your real estate.

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