DBM’s IDX Add-on Markets Real Estate Using SEO; Does Your Current MLS Solution Do This?

If you’ve considered using Direct Business Marketing’s IDX add-on to market real estate to homebuyers, we’d like to tell you today why you should go with Direct Business Marketing instead of another IDX service. First, you should know that when DBM works on any marketing process or campaign with their customers, they apply their proven processes to garner the best results possible.

Often times when a real estate agent is looking for a new way to market real estate, they ask us why they can’t just use their current MLS solution to generate traffic and leads to their site. The simple answer is because a majority of MLS solutions don’t use search engine optimization; Direct Business Marketing does. When you utilize SEO practices on your website, you website is indexed by search engines, allowing it to get better organic results and improving its visibility. If you’re trying to revamp your marketing process and successfully market real estate, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of SEO practices? This, too, is why you should choose Direct Business Marketing’s IDX solution instead of one of our competitors. We use search engine friendly content on all of our websites and through all of our marketing processes; most other IDX solutions don’t do this.

Also, when you work with us to market real estate and add our IDX services to your marketing process, your potential customers have the capability to create an account within your site. This allows them to save their searches as well as sign up to receive emails when homes matching their criteria are listed.

An IDX solution with Direct Business Marketing is the best solution possible if you want to successfully market real estate and improve your marketing process. Contact us for more information today on how we can help you do both of these things.

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