Pay-Per-Click: Don’t Take Every Keyword Suggestion that Google Gives You

Hello, my name is Andrew Houglum with Direct Business Marketing. I want to talk about a mistake that a lot of people make when they are managing their pay-per-click account. If you have a pay-per-click account through Google Ad Words, up at the top they have a lot of suggestions to help your campaign along. Now, something to keep in mind with these suggestions is Google’s whole goal in life is to spend your money that you have allocated for your budget as quickly as humanly possible. They want the money. Your goal is not to do that. Your goal is to have higher conversions or get the right clicks to your website or people that are looking for your products and services. From time to time, Google will make suggestions for keyword phrases telling you that you can get 20 more clicks if you use their keyword phrases. Again, our goal isn’t clicks, our goal is conversions. So, analyze every one of those suggested terms. There is a button that says, accept all suggestions. Don’t ever do that, because you want to go through the suggested terms and make sure they match for you. I’ll give you one example. Let’s say you are a realtor and maybe you are looking for people to sell their house, well some suggestions might be homes for sale. Well, those are buyers, that are someone looking to buy a house, not sell a house. So you don’t want to take those keywords. You have to weed through those keywords and don’t take every suggestion because what you will end up with is you will blow through your pay-per-click budget and not have the conversions that you want. You might want to find out more here!

Here’s my contact information and my name again is Andrew Houglum, with Direct Business Marketing. My phone number is 602-571-5803 and my email address is [email protected]. I want to draw your attention to for marketing assessment. It’s a great tool to use to assess your marketing today. Thanks and have a great day.

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