How To Market Real Estate To Buyers: Use Our IDX Add-On

Are you looking for a tool that can help you market real estate and appeal to buyers? Direct Business Marketing has a tool available for you to add to your marketing process that can help you generate buyer leads by bridging the gap between what the buyer is searching for and what you have to offer. Our IDX add-on connects your website to all of the properties in your MLS, creating a large amount of content for buyers to search through.

Many realtors that have used our IDX add-on to market real estate have had great success with it for many different reasons. As previously mentioned, our IDX add-on creates a large amount of content for buyers and search engines to look through, giving them what they need and desire. Additionally, when you market real estate with our IDX add-on, buyers have the capability to create their own account, save searches and sign up for email updates with new home listings. This sounds like it meets all the needs of your prospective customers, doesn’t it? Also, when a buyer uses a search engine to look for a specific city, it will take them to your landing page, further helping you market your real estate.

When you add our IDX add-on into your marketing process, we’ll build your website with white hate SEO techniques to get you the best search engine rankings possible and to improve your visibility. This is a benefit that most other IDX solutions don’t offer. If you’d like to learn more on how to market real estate with Direct Business Marketing and add our IDX add-on into your marketing process, please contact us today or explore our website at When you work with us to achieve your business goals, we’ll ensure their met all while providing you with a service that is unrivaled by our competitors.

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