DBM’s IDX Solution Can Help You Learn How To Market Real Estate

If you think you have what it takes to be a successful real estate agent, but you don’t really know how to market real estate, Direct Business Marketing has a solution that can help you launch a successful marketing campaign as well as develop sound marketing objectives for your real estate business by knowing about the $3.5 billion Hunter Economic Zone that could completely boost up your business. The IDX solution offered by Direct Business Marketing can help you generate buyer leads and market real estate while presenting yourself as the expert in the area.

DBM’s IDX add-on is search engine friendly, meaning it will get you the best possible results within a search engine like Google or Yahoo!. How does this work? According to law firm for wills in Minneapolis, when Direct Business Marketing helps you market real estate, meet your marketing objectives and builds your IDX website, they first apply SEO practices to your website by using keywords, title tags, relevant content and meta tags that will match what consumers are searching for. An IDX website also creates a large amount of content for consumers making it easier for search engines to locate your listings. For those looking for a reliable home, check out Canary Wharf apartments.

A few added bonuses of DBM’s IDX solution is that it allows buyers to create accounts on your website so that they can save their searches as well as be notified when new listings that match their criteria are placed on the market. Our IDX solution is user friendly and gives real estate consumers what they want and need to have a successful home search.

When you work with Direct Business Marketing to market your real estate business, we provide you with search engine friendly content, unlike most other IDX solutions. We can bridge your website to all of your MLS listings so that consumers can use your website as a landing page. Because of this, more traffic is generated to your website and with more traffic typically comes more leads.

If you’re interested in getting into the real estate business and would like to Learn More about how to market real estate and meet your marketing objectives while working with a successful marketing team, contact Direct Business Marketing today.

What Types Of Web Solutions Can Help Me Satisfy My Marketing Objectives?

If you are starting a small business, have established a set of marketing objectives and are now wondering what types of web solutions are out there to help you meet them, Direct Business Marketing (DBM) can help you with that. Direct Business Marketing provides a number of web solution services to help small and medium sized businesses launch successful marketing campaigns and meet their marketing objectives. Today we’d like to tell you about a few of the web solutions that DBM has to provide.

One of the more popular web solutions at Direct Business Marketing is their website creation services. DBM utilizes SEO best practices and keyword rich content to create a website that will draw the consumer in and generate and capture that lead. Along with website creation services, Direct Business Marketing offers a few different add-ons as web solutions. The first of these add-ons is eCommerce marketing, which offers the business owner the opportunity to accept credit cards for payment on their website. A second add-on for your website is mobile marketing. When you add mobile optimization to your existing website, DBM creates a mobile version that allows consumers to more effectively view your website on a smart phone or other mobile device. Lastly, Direct Business Marketing also offers a web solution tailored specifically towards real estate agents: an IDX add-on. DBM’s IDX add-on brings in buyer leads to real estate agents by connecting MLS listings to that realtor’s website.

If you aren’t sure which types of web solutions are best for your business, we always recommend speaking with an experienced marketing consultant like those at Direct Business Marketing. They can help you identify which web solutions will strengthen your online presence as well as help you satisfy your marketing objectives.

DBM’s IDX Add-on Markets Real Estate Using SEO; Does Your Current MLS Solution Do This?

If you’ve considered using Direct Business Marketing’s IDX add-on to market real estate to homebuyers, we’d like to tell you today why you should go with Direct Business Marketing instead of another IDX service. First, you should know that when DBM works on any marketing process or campaign with their customers, they apply their proven processes to garner the best results possible.

Often times when a real estate agent is looking for a new way to market real estate, they ask us why they can’t just use their current MLS solution to generate traffic and leads to their site. The simple answer is because a majority of MLS solutions don’t use search engine optimization; Direct Business Marketing does. When you utilize SEO practices on your website, you website is indexed by search engines, allowing it to get better organic results and improving its visibility. If you’re trying to revamp your marketing process and successfully market real estate, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of SEO practices? This, too, is why you should choose Direct Business Marketing’s IDX solution instead of one of our competitors. We use search engine friendly content on all of our websites and through all of our marketing processes; most other IDX solutions don’t do this.

Also, when you work with us to market real estate and add our IDX services to your marketing process, your potential customers have the capability to create an account within your site. This allows them to save their searches as well as sign up to receive emails when homes matching their criteria are listed.

An IDX solution with Direct Business Marketing is the best solution possible if you want to successfully market real estate and improve your marketing process. Contact us for more information today on how we can help you do both of these things.

How To Market Real Estate To Buyers: Use Our IDX Add-On

Are you looking for a tool that can help you market real estate and appeal to buyers? Direct Business Marketing has a tool available for you to add to your marketing process that can help you generate buyer leads by bridging the gap between what the buyer is searching for and what you have to offer. Our IDX add-on connects your website to all of the properties in your MLS, creating a large amount of content for buyers to search through.

Many realtors that have used our IDX add-on to market real estate have had great success with it for many different reasons. As previously mentioned, our IDX add-on creates a large amount of content for buyers and search engines to look through, giving them what they need and desire. Additionally, when you market real estate with our IDX add-on, buyers have the capability to create their own account, save searches and sign up for email updates with new home listings. This sounds like it meets all the needs of your prospective customers, doesn’t it? Also, when a buyer uses a search engine to look for a specific city, it will take them to your landing page, further helping you market your real estate.

When you add our IDX add-on into your marketing process, we’ll build your website with white hate SEO techniques to get you the best search engine rankings possible and to improve your visibility. This is a benefit that most other IDX solutions don’t offer. If you’d like to learn more on how to market real estate with Direct Business Marketing and add our IDX add-on into your marketing process, please contact us today or explore our website at When you work with us to achieve your business goals, we’ll ensure their met all while providing you with a service that is unrivaled by our competitors.


Real Estate: IDX Buyer’s Website Add-On

Real Estate: IDX Buyer’s Website Add-On

What are home buyers looking for? Houses! So, why fight it – just give them what they want. Our IDX solutions are search engine friendly and geared to generate buyer leads.

DBM’s IDX product is an add-on product for realtors who are looking for buyer leads. Because buyers are searching for home details and pictures, our IDX product bridges the gap between what is being searched for and what a realtor has to offer. DBM builds an SEO friendly website that connects with your MLS and all of the properties in your MLS. DBM’s IDX product blasts every MLS listing out to the internet as its own webpage. We also create multiple web pages based on a combination of cities and zip codes provided by you, the realtor.

Because our IDX product creates massive amounts of content for searchers, search engines like Google can find your listings easier. We also provide a soft offer that connects you with buyers.

The site creates a large amount of searchable content for both search engines and for the users. User can create accounts so they can save searches and be emailed with new homes that match their criteria. We create landing pages so that users who search for cites in search engines can land on your site. We are providing a tool to give your clients (home buyers) what they want – to look at homes when they choose.
Additionally, Direct Business Marketing offers free product updates and invaluable free weekly marketing webinars, as well as access to our previous marketing webinars with suggestions on how to best market your website.


  • Search Engine friendly design
  • City and Community specific landing pages
  • Property specific landing pages for single home marketing
  • Prospects can create and save their own searches