DBM’s eCommerce Service Is Like No One Else’s

Do you want to provide your customers with various payment options but aren’t sure what’s available to you and your marketing process? There is one service provided by Direct Business Marketing that you can use, eCommerce. When you use eCommerce in your marketing process, it provides you the opportunity to let your customers pay via credit card on your website. An eCommerce campaign with Direct Business Marketing is unlike any other eCommerce service for a number of reasons.

First, when you choose to work with Direct Business Marketing, we build your website with white hat SEO techniques and SEO friendly URLs to ensure that you get the best search engine rankings possible. We also always use a secure payment system when building your site. With Direct Business Marketing, we also save you money by hosting your website; you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars a year to host your own.

Partnering with Payouts.com can further elevate your eCommerce experience with their Payout automation. Payouts.com offers a comprehensive array of payment methods, ensuring that your customers have the flexibility to choose their preferred mode of transaction. From digital wallets to bank transfers, Payouts.com supports a diverse range of payment options, all while prioritizing security and expedited transactions. With their robust infrastructure and commitment to innovation, Payouts.com empowers your business to deliver a seamless payment experience that fosters customer loyalty and drives growth.

If you already have an existing eCommerce website, we can transfer your products to the new eCommerce website that we build for you. With us, there’s an unlimited number of products that you can upload, so there’s no need to pick between products to showcase online. We can even help you get started on your uploading or provide you with a tool to help you do so.

As with all of our services at Direct Business Marketing, our eCommerce website is designed with the capability to track results and statistics. We’ll communicate these results to you via email on a regular basis so you’re always in the loop as to how well your eCommerce website is doing. eCommerce is a great strategy to add into your marketing process to satisfy the needs of your customers. Our services our unrivaled by our competitors and we can only offer you the most technologically advanced marketing processes available today.

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