Which Type Of Email Marketing Is Best For Your Business?

It’s estimated that businesses within the United States spent approximately $1.5 billion on their email marketing campaigns in 2011; this number is expected to grow by almost one billion dollars by the year 2016. With this being said, why wouldn’t you want to add email marketing to your business’ marketing evaluation checklist? Email marketing is a fantastic way to reach lots of people all at once; it’s simple and easy to use and people utilize email multiple times on a daily basis.

There are two different types of emails that can be sent when using email marketing. The first type is transactional emails. These types of emails are a great way to engage customers because they have a high rate of being opened. It’s estimated that half of all transactional emails are read by the receiver whereas only about one third of all email newsletters are read by the receiver. Because these types of emails have such a high opening rate, it provides the business owner a perfect opportunity to further their email relationship with that consumer or even cross sell another product. Transactional emails are triggered based on a customer’s action with a company, such as an order confirmation or an email receipt.

The other type of email associated with email marketing is a direct email. Direct emails, for example, could be a special announcement about a product, sale or special offer; these types of emails are sent simply to communicate a promotional message. With email marketing, direct emails are usually sent to a collected list of existing or potential customers.

If you think that email marketing may be the way for you to go, check out Direct Business Marketing’s marketing evaluation checklist on their website. Email marketing must be working for businesses throughout the country, because the amount of money spent on email marketing campaigns continues to increase. Take advantage of this trend, check the marketing evaluation checklist and see if email marketing will work for you.

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