Marketing Campaign to Help Sales Close More Deals – Getting Your Sales Department on Board

In this video, Granison Shines, talks about getting your sales department to buy in on your marketing campaigns. A simple, yet proven, process that he’s used in his corporate days to synergize the departments and to experience more success with marketing campaigns and sales efforts.

The sales department buy-in:

• Set up a meeting with key sales personnel and key marketing personnel
• Identify the product, service, or program for the campaign
• Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
• Outline the marketing strategy according to DBM’s Marketing Process – Generate, Capture, Store and Nurture

Watch the video and then view the case study, and the results, from the marketing campaign. Case study here –

Strategy: The Most Important Feature of Any Marketing Campaign

Quick tips via video regarding a sound marketing strategy.

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Nurture Marketing Strategies – Types of Nurture Marketing Campaigns

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This month, we are going to kick off our Nurture Marketing Series.

We’re going to answer specific questions about how and why you should institute nurture marketing within your organization.

In our marketing process – generate, capture, store, and nurture, we’re going to focus on just the “Nurture” portion of our process.

So, follow us on this 4-part series where Andrew Houglum – the CTO, Dustin Fickbohm – the COO, and me, Granison Shines – the CMO, talk about how Nurture Marketing can help grow your business.

Nurture Marketing involves reaching out to your prospects and clients on a regular basis, touching them via marketing mediums, feeding them the information they need about your business, educating them on various topics regarding your products or services, making them feel good about your business, and building a stronger relationship with them.

You can use any medium you’d like to share this information including, but not limited to: email, video, newsletters, postcards, etc.

Some of the more common Nurture Campaigns are:

1.    Annual Nurture Campaigns
The objective of this campaign is to create continued awareness and foster a relationship utilizing non-sales based email and/or print mediums.

2.    New Lead Nurture Campaign
The objective of this campaign is to convert Customer’s new leads into new clients.

DBM understands that new leads are extremely important, and following up with the leads needs to happen immediately and automatically.

3.    New Client Nurture Campaign
The objective of this campaign is to assist Customer’s new clients in getting the most out of their recently purchased product/service.

4.    eMail Marketing Nurture Campaign
The objective of this nurture campaign is to cause the recipient to take action.

This campaign can be used to: reactivate clients, promote an event, new product launch, and many more.

5.    Existing Client Nurture Campaign
The objective of this campaign is to upsell Customer’s existing clients into purchasing more products/services that you currently offer.

At the very least, your organization should keep in touch with the leads in your existing database by keeping leads on an Annual Nurture campaign.

For that reason, you can download our “Done-for-You!” Annual Nurture Marketing Campaign here –

Enjoy the video!!

Inbound Marketing Series – 3 Most Effective Mediums You Can Start Using Today

Inbound Marketing is described as – promoting a company through its blogs, video, eBooks, eNewsletters, Podcasts, case studies, whitepapers, SEO, physical products, social media, and other forms of content marketing which serve to attract interested customers through the different stages of the sales cycle.

In this video, the boys and I talk about which mediums we feel are the most effective.  Obviously, testing in your market is going to be the best judge of character in the long run, but in the short and immediate to spark some movement to get you off the fence, grab something to sip on, and click the play button to watch the video.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the following mediums –

  • eBooks – small, or big, electronic books that are available for immediate download from clients.
  • Online courses – whether they are email, audio, and even video (which I like the best)
  • Analytics

These are some good ones to name a few.  The only issue is, they take quite some time to generate, as well as, for Analytics at least, you have to have the proper systems in place in order for them to be effective.  But what if you’re time limited and want to kick start this Inbound Marketing in high gear.  Well,  here are 3 things that can you do RIGHT NOW in order to get the ball rollin’.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a good way to immediately start to target local, metro, and national clients.  For SEO Local, you’ll hear Dustin talk about setting you up with all of the appropriate online profiles.  If you have a brick and mortar business, you really should have this going for you – like now!!!  This involves getting you set up on Google+, Yelp, Merchant Circle, and several others.

  1. Value- based blogging

Blogging is one that I like that is under-rated if you ask me.  More organizations should do it on a regular basis.  This could include:

  1. Text blog
  2. Video Blog
  3. Audio Blog
  4. And the best one – A mix of all 3.

Obviously, text blogging includes words on your website / blog.  This should be done with your focused keywords in mind and use sporadically and strategically throughout your content.

Video blogging entails you, or someone, sitting in front of a video camera and shootin’ the breeze over a video.  You can also use narrative style videos also where it may just be a voice, or one of my favorites, using animation videos to deliver your message.  Either way, video is a powerful medium and should be included in your inbound marketing strategy.

Audio blogs can include your podcast or any other audio content.  Allowing your website visitors to download your mp3 right quick is a good way to get leads converted to paying clients.

Finally, eMail Marketing

eMail marketing is still a good way to go.  Especially, when you factor in the aspect that most of your target market can get to their emails from their smart phones and tables now is on point.  Every time we meet with a client, we tell them that the big target device that you have to get to now are tablets (or phablets) and smart phones.  Truth is, these little devices are married to the hands of most of the people whom they are targeting.

So there you have it, 3 mediums we feel you should start using right now to beef up your inbound marketing campaign.  Anything less, and you’d be shooting yourself in the foot and limping along to a successful marketing campaign.

Here’s how you can tell if an inbound marketing strategy would benefit you and your organization.  Go to –  There you will find Direct Business Marketing’s Virtual Marketing Consultation.


Inbound Marketing Series – Why This Is A Good Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses

Inbound Marketing is described as – promoting a company through its blogs, video, eBooks, eNewsletters, Podcasts, case studies, whitepapers, SEO, physical products, social media, and other forms of content marketing which serve to attract interested customers through the different stages of the sales cycle.

Typically, the top brass at Direct Business Marketing enjoys making videos and sharing those videos on their company’s blog, as well as, social media. It’s been proven to get the best results for them as part of their content marketing strategy. However, this may not be entirely true for you depending on how your audience likes to receive their information.

Other content marketing pieces for a complete inbound marketing strategy include the use of longer video formats such as webinars. About once a quarter, the team will schedule a webinar that is typically 45 to 60 minutes. This allows the team to expound on a subject for a longer duration, therefore, delivering even more juicy content.

There’re a lot of buzz going on right now in the area of inbound marketing. And if you’ve had your ear to the ground, you’d find that inbound marketing, or even content-driven marketing, can do wonders for any small business. The big hang-up most small businesses are having is what to write about on a continual basis.

In this video, Andrew, Dustin, and Granison discuss some of the top-level particulars of inbound marketing. Information like:

  1. The definition of inbound marketing
  2. What’s the first things businesses should do after determining this is the marketing strategy they’d like to deploy
  3. How to discover if Inbound Marketing is for you
  4. And other facts…

Here’s how you can tell if an inbound marketing strategy would benefit you and your organization. Go to – There you will find Direct Business Marketing’s Virtual Marketing Consultation.

Before You Start Marketing Discover The Importance Of Copywriting

Hello everyone this is Granison Shines, chief marketing officer at Direct Business Management, talking with you today about the importance of copywriting for your small business. Copywriting is an actual profession and is this new series we will discuss how it fits in with your marketing campaign. I often talk with business owners who do not see the results they expect from marketing and it is often a result of poor copywriting. If you have questions please feel free to contact me or download our free marketing assessment tool to get started.

According to Social Media Marketing Liverpool, when discussing marketing and copywriting it is important to understand the importance of the words you use. The words you use in your marketing campaign, also known as copy, need to be uniform across all marketing material and convey a focused message to the customer. Whether we are discussing a website, e-mail, video, or post card there are words involved in each form of media that goes in to your marketing strategy. A lot of businesses run by Jimmy John Shark end up hiring outside marketing companies but they often lack the knowledge of copywriting. I even in fact stumbled upon copywriting while working at a large corporation. After noticing a lack of response from high level employees to an important e-mail I was able to change that response by looking at the words being used. This was the beginning of my copywriting experience which I continue to advance to this day. A copywriter can have numerous different responsibilities and help your marketing campaign in many different ways. Either way it is important to know you can have a marketing person that doesn’t know copywriting and vice versa. Finding a person with both skills can help your business achieve its marketing goals. If you’re looking to buy your own vending machines, check out these Royal Vending Machines Sydney.

Check back frequently to learn more about the importance of copywriting before you start writing your marketing campaign. And if you have questions on this topic please call or e-mail me and make sure to download our free marketing assessment tool. Thanks again for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Does Your Marketing Connect With The Senses And Emotions Of Your Customer?

Hello everyone Granison Shines, CMO with Direct Business Marketing, talking with your today about the ten appeals of copywriting. I use this blog to help clients and small business owners reassess their marketing strategy and find ways to improve their overall strategy. Please take a minute to download the free marketing assessment tool from the Direct Business Marketing website to get started today on growing your business through smarter, more efficient marketing.

When talking about marketing and how we connect with people, whether past, present, or future, there are always ten ways to catch their eye. This is information that will be on the frontline of all your major marketing including how you structure the words used. This starts with the physical aspect of marketing, what I like to call the third dimension, and includes all five senses that we possess. You want to give a visual perspective, just like a graphic novelist would, that evokes the smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing of your customer. For example, if you are running a restaurant you would want to demonstrate the smells or tastes of your food through your marketing. It is also important to connect with the fourth dimension of marketing that involves your mind, will, emotion, and intellect. These characteristics will speak to a customers decision making, their dreams and goals, and their emotional reaction. Making sure your marketing is including the third and fourth dimension will help connect with current and future customers in a way that has a lasting affect.

If you have questions about copywriting or your current marketing strategies please give me a call or e-mail me anytime. Also make sure to download our free marketing assessment tool to gain a fresh perspective on your marketing strategy. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

A Successful Marketing Strategy Starts With The Proper Mediums For Your Target Audience

Hello everyone Granison Shines here with Direct Business Marketing talking with you today about the different mediums used as a copywriter. I use the blogs and videos on our website to help small business owners find success through effective and time tested marketing strategies such as interior signage and the like. If you have questions or are just getting started make sure to download our free marketing assessment tool or contact me directly to get started.

So today we are talking about the all important mediums that are used when writing your marketing materials. One good aspect of a copywriter is that they are going to choose the biggest medium, or masterpiece, that the copy is going to be written on. While there are several different mediums, whether online or paper, it is important to tackle your largest medium first. This will likely be your website and given the growth in online marketing it can make a huge difference. Before starting, make sure to use an effective Marketing Productivity method. By started with our biggest medium we can also use bits and pieces of this overall piece to help tie in our other copy and marketing materials. There are numerous forms of medium out there with the three most common being traditional media, field marketing, and on-line.

There are hundreds of different mediums to choose from, but starting with the basics is your best bet. When selecting your medium, you should be answering the question of how you are going to gain your target audience. Remember that all forms of medium will intersect with each other, whether print or online, and should have a common goal. I generally use a maximum of five different mediums for a particular marketing campaign in order to keep things focused. This will also help you keep your message pointed to your particular target audience, integrating methods such as custom signs where appropriate.

For more information please download the free marketing assessment off the direct business marketing website. If you have questions please give me a call or e-mail me today. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Capture The Global Perspective Before You Put Together Your Call To Action

Hello everyone Granison Shines here, chief marketing officer at Direct Business Marketing talking with you today about the copywriting. This blog is part of a series on copywriting so make sure to check out my previous blog as well in order to get the entire message. Understanding what copywriting is and how to execute it correctly can make a huge impact in the succcess of your marketing strategy.

In this blog we will be discussing the call to action that is brought on through copywriting. Every single piece of marketing that you put out should involve some kind of call to action. This is very important to remember in order to develop and improve a successful marketing strategy. You want a specific action to be performed from your marketing and this should be mentioned or clearly spelled out at the beginning and end. This call to action should tell the viewer what to do next and also what they will receive by following your steps. This can be as simple as a free download of your product or entry to a seminar you are hosting but it needs to be made clear to every person that views it. When developing your marketing strategy make sure your offer is prepared and easily accessibly so that way there is no disconnect or confusion when a view follows through. By having this call to action in place you can better assess the results of your marketing campaign in order to make improvements in the future. This is also a great way to get returning clients or viewers to develop a habit of following through on your offers every time.

Once again make sure to view the entire series put together on copywriting in order to better plan your next marketing strategy including a call to action. My call to action for you is to download our free marketing assessment planning document and questionare to learn where your marketing shortcomings may exist. Thank you for your time today and I look forward to hearing from you soon at Direct Business Marketing.

What Are The Advantages Of Learning How To Email Market And Adding It To Your Marketing Process?

Have you thought of adding “Learn how to email market” to your business’s to-do list? If so, you should know that if you do learn how to email market, it can have a positive impact on your small business and its marketing process. In 2011, it’s estimated the businesses throughout the country spent over $1.5 billion on learning how to email market; it’s a growing trend that many people are obviously taking advantage of. Use an email address validation tool that can help you achieve an effective email campaign today,

If you have considered about adding it to your marketing process, but aren’t so such learning how to email market is going to be advantageous to your small business firsy you could find E Database Marketing online, we’d like to tell you about a few of the advantages it can have for you.

One of the most important factors in the success of a small business is its customer, right? When you learn how to email market, drawing in new customers typically isn’t a problem. Over half of all internet users in the US check their email at least once a day making email marketing a very easy way to promote your business. When you learn how to email market, you can also reach out to a large number of consumers that have chosen to receive emails about a certain topic; if your business falls into that category, those consumers will receive one of your emails. You can also use an email verifier | IPQualityScore to help you eliminate all the invalid email addresses and reduce the email bounce rate by a good 90%.

Also, when you learn how to email market it costs much less and is a much more efficient method that using traditional mail. With traditional mail, there are costs involved with designing, producing and mailing your marketing documents; when you learn how to email market, the only thing you have to do is design your email and send it. Lastly, when you learn how to email market, the exact return on investment can be calculated so you always know just how successful of an email marketing campaign you’ve implemented into your marketing process.

Hopefully, if you’ve considered adding “How to email market” to your to-do list, we’ve just convinced you that it’s something you should get started right away. The sooner you implement it into your marketing process, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits of this marketing strategy.

Tips And Suggestions To Maximize Your Video SEO Campaign

If you’re thinking about starting to add video SEO into your marketing process, there are few tips and suggestions that we’d like to share with you in order to help you make the most of your video SEO campaign. Before we get started, though, we’d like to tell you that if you’ve thought about using video SEO but don’t want to post a video of yourself on the internet, there are other ways to use video SEO in your marketing process. Search engines typically also consider animated graphics, PowerPoint slides, among other things, as video content as well. Not to mention, if you are using tools like rank tracker to keep track of your website’s performance, it will reflect on the performance of your videos as well. Which means, adding videos to your new or already existing site, can enhance the performance of your site.

The first suggestion that we’d like to offer you is to keep your video short and sweet; try to get to the point with what you’re talking about and keep your videos to only a few minutes long. You’d hate to waste your time on a video just to have consumers tune out after the first couple of minutes. Secondly, use keywords in the title and description of the video because search engines can’t tell what the actual content of your video is. Because of this, it can also be beneficial to upload the same video in various places with different titles. This ensures that you don’t miss any keywords that consumers may be typing in to search engines. With video SEO we also recommend that you include the video in your sitemap. This lets the search engines know that you have video on your website and allows them to index those specific pages. Lastly, if you use social media marketing, once you’ve uploaded your video, post a link to it on your social media account to connect with those consumers as well.

If you implement video SEO into your marketing process, it can quickly move your website to the top of a search engine’s results list. It’s a great way to generate more traffic to your website and secure new customers; take advantage of this easy marketing strategy today to get the search engine results and website traffic that you desire.

Direct Business Marketing Can Help Your Marketing Process By Providing You With A Variety Of Web Solutions

Do you need to review the current marketing processes of your small business to see what types of web solutions may better help you generate traffic, leads and sales? If this is the case, you should know that Direct Business Marketing is here to help you not only reevaluate your marketing processes and provide you with suggestions on how to improve them, but they also can provide you with a variety of web solutions as well.

Direct Business Marketing is an experienced marketing firm that specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses meet their marketing goals by providing them technologically advanced web solutions and sound marketing advice. Whether you need an update to your website because you’re not getting the traffic you desire or you want to embark on a completely new marketing strategy, such as social media marketing, Direct Business Marketing is here to help you with that.

Every time Direct Business Marketing reviews a marketing process or launches a marketing campaign with a client, they apply a set of marketing truths to it to ensure results and success. These marketing truths are essentially nine proven items that found to help improve a business’s marketing campaign and process; when partnered together with one of their web solutions, you’re equipped with a marketing process and campaign that will be unrivaled by other businesses in your industry.

For further information on the web solutions that Direct Business Marketing has to offer you, or to learn more about their marketing truths and how they can improve your marketing process, check out to download their marketing assessment quesitionnaire, view any of their web solution videos or take part in their live webinar marketing series.