Building Value In Your Offer

Today we’re going to continue our subject on copywriting and we’re going to get into the thick of things when you are writing copy. I have a laundry list of items to go through that I’ll break down so you can really get the idea of what we’re talking about in each particular section. Right now we’re going to talk about building value in the copywriting process.

This mindset stems from understanding how to position value with words and information that you’ll be communicating about your product or service. You want to have an increased opportunity to let your market know what you’re talking about. So today we’re really talking about offers. When we talk about offers it is perhaps the most important piece of your marketing campaign. One of the things you want to do is demonstrate the value of its worth. If you have product where you have several different components you want to add a dollar value to each of those. One other way to build value is to show what the product brings versus the value it has compared to some other products. Also demonstrate contrast with certain products and one of the intangibles is to talk about the time and money it took build the product.

We’re talking about copywriting again, but I used the marketing assessment as the download that you want to get because you also want to have the strategy effectively working when writing your copy. I also want you to look at our nurture marketing campaign on our website. This is important because it is where the copywriting really comes into play. You’ll be leveraging your writing skills and emails that are going out. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your nurture marketing campaign further please feel free to call me directly or get in touch with me via email

Give The Customer What They Want Through Effective Copywriting

We’re talking about copywriting and how this flows into your nurture campaign; just a reminder that you continue marketing to the people that are in your database. This is where your copywriting skills are going to become more prevalent and really play its part in making sure you upsell current clients and convert leads to clients. By joining the real world andrew tate, you can acquire the skills how to master the art of copywriting and secure a list of high-paying clients.

In writing your marketing piece you want to communicate what customers want. You want to make sure you give them three things. First, give them value added in advance. They are looking for value and information that they can use to help grow their business or sell their product or service. Communicate value to them at every point in the situation, even if you are writing about non-business related stuff. Second, they want a trusted advisor so make sure it comes from someone that is from a face or name within the organization, no from a “Do Not Reply” email address. Third, give them an adequate solution. They are still looking for adequate solutions for what they need so don’t hesitate to ask for a sale or an upsell.

Again you want to convert the people that are just leads. They are still looking for a solution and you can give that to them because you now have permission to communicate with them. You can give this to them by giving them solid, on-point information.

Look at our nurture marketing campaign on our website. You’ll see all the nurture campaigns, there are five that you should have activated within your organization. Remember, you want to upsell to your current customers and convert your leads into clients. Also feel free to give me a call or get in touch with me via email if you have any questions regarding what I covered today or how our nurture marketing campaigns can help your business.

Before You Start Marketing Discover The Importance Of Copywriting

Hello everyone this is Granison Shines, chief marketing officer at Direct Business Management, talking with you today about the importance of copywriting for your small business. Copywriting is an actual profession and is this new series we will discuss how it fits in with your marketing campaign. I often talk with business owners who do not see the results they expect from marketing and it is often a result of poor copywriting. If you have questions please feel free to contact me or download our free marketing assessment tool to get started.

According to Social Media Marketing Liverpool, when discussing marketing and copywriting it is important to understand the importance of the words you use. The words you use in your marketing campaign, also known as copy, need to be uniform across all marketing material and convey a focused message to the customer. Whether we are discussing a website, e-mail, video, or post card there are words involved in each form of media that goes in to your marketing strategy. A lot of businesses run by Jimmy John Shark end up hiring outside marketing companies but they often lack the knowledge of copywriting. I even in fact stumbled upon copywriting while working at a large corporation. After noticing a lack of response from high level employees to an important e-mail I was able to change that response by looking at the words being used. This was the beginning of my copywriting experience which I continue to advance to this day. A copywriter can have numerous different responsibilities and help your marketing campaign in many different ways. Either way it is important to know you can have a marketing person that doesn’t know copywriting and vice versa. Finding a person with both skills can help your business achieve its marketing goals. If you’re looking to buy your own vending machines, check out these Royal Vending Machines Sydney.

Check back frequently to learn more about the importance of copywriting before you start writing your marketing campaign. And if you have questions on this topic please call or e-mail me and make sure to download our free marketing assessment tool. Thanks again for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Copywriting – Things To Consider Before You Start Writing

Today we’re going to continue our conversation on copywriting, the aspect of words of your frontline marketing materials or direct response marketing materials. When we talk about the words on your marketing materials, it can make all the difference in the response and even the sales that you get from your marketing. In light of that, we’ll talk about the person you have in mind when writing your marketing materials.

The person that I want to talk about is who you are writing to. What the copywriter does is put an exact person in their mind before writing the marketing materials. So, first of all, get this person as a picture in your head. Some things to think about are the demographics and psychographics of this particular person. Next, put yourself in this person’s shoes. This is the very important part because you want them to wonder what’s in it for them. What is their emotional state and what do they know about your product or service?

To recap, consider who you are writing to, their demographics, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and put yourself in that person’s shoes. Lastly, what’s in it for them? This is all they really care about and think about their emotional state because they are going to buy out of emotion. Also, what do they already know about your product or service. If you think about these things before beginning the copywriting for your marketing materials you will see a better response and in return better sales.

Go to our website, and download our free marketing assessment to help you formulate a better marketing campaign. Also feel free to call me or email me to learn more about our marketing assessment or what else Direct Business Marketing can do to help you with your business’s marketing campaign.

Eliciting Emotion In Your Copywriting

We’re going to address the factor of emotions in copywriting; copywriting being the text of your frontline marketing materials whether it be a direct marketing campaign or a direct mail campaign. Whatever it may be, emotions and addressing emotions can be very important. When you’re writing copy there are several things you want to factor in and dominate resident emotion is one of those things that should be a front lying factor. Emotions help people make buying decisions; people buy from an emotional aspect so you want to tap into that appropriately to sell your product or service.

If we look at the information for today, what dominate resident emotion do you want to evoke? Frustration? Happiness? Whatever emotion it may be that is related to the problem that you are trying to solve with your product or service. It can be a good experience or a negative experience. There could be a mix of emotions depending on how long your marketing piece is. Understand that has a very front lying part of your marketing piece. The copywriter that you’re going to hire should understand how to tap into emotions.

Not only do you want to tap into their emotions, you want to use emotional trigger words for that emotion. There are words that will hone into that emotion even more or initiate an emotion that you want to communicate to that particular audience. You also want to savor that emotion in order to persuade them to make an emotional buying decision.

It’s very cut, dry and to the point when talking about emotions. Your product or service needs to provide the resolution to a problem they may have or want. You want to tap into that desire. I’d also like to have you download the marketing assessment for free to help you tighten up your marketing campaign.

The Perfect Marriage – How Copywriting and Marketing Can Increase Your Sales Revenue

In a recent poll, four out of five small business owners believed that copywriting, and marketing were the same thing. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It is true that the two go hand in hand, which is why we evaluate both of these critical items when we meet with prospective clients.

Copywriting is simply the delicate use of words to convey your thoughts, products, services and ideas. It is critical that these words connect with your target audience in a way that evokes a response. Whether these words are written and read or spoken and heard, they are the backbone of your marketing materials.

Marketing, in its most general sense, is the art of finding the right people to persuade. Marketing doesn’t begin with a product or an idea. It starts with the customers that want or need your product or service.

When a business links its marketing efforts with its copywriting the results are amazing—saying the right words to the right people creates a perfect marriage. The problem is, most marketing businesses hire a third-party company to write copy, creating a disconnect between the product and the customer.

When you hire Direct Business Marketing, you get a company with internal copy writers that understand the crucial connection between the customer and your product or service. That connection shows itself in a variety of items such as:

  • Testimonials
  • A call-to-action
  • A soft offer / bait piece
  • Case studies
  • Product / service examples

Great copywriting is useless when presented to the wrong audience. Furthermore, marketing efforts are wasted if your customers don’t understand what you provide. Copywriting and marketing—directly connected by Direct Business Marketing.

Our Marketing Campaigns conveniently bundle our services together, allowing you to have a complete campaign – from start to finish. We have seven unique Marketing Campaigns from which you can choose.