Eliciting Emotion In Your Copywriting

We’re going to address the factor of emotions in copywriting; copywriting being the text of your frontline marketing materials whether it be a direct marketing campaign or a direct mail campaign. Whatever it may be, emotions and addressing emotions can be very important. When you’re writing copy there are several things you want to factor in and dominate resident emotion is one of those things that should be a front lying factor. Emotions help people make buying decisions; people buy from an emotional aspect so you want to tap into that appropriately to sell your product or service.

If we look at the information for today, what dominate resident emotion do you want to evoke? Frustration? Happiness? Whatever emotion it may be that is related to the problem that you are trying to solve with your product or service. It can be a good experience or a negative experience. There could be a mix of emotions depending on how long your marketing piece is. Understand that has a very front lying part of your marketing piece. The copywriter that you’re going to hire should understand how to tap into emotions.

Not only do you want to tap into their emotions, you want to use emotional trigger words for that emotion. There are words that will hone into that emotion even more or initiate an emotion that you want to communicate to that particular audience. You also want to savor that emotion in order to persuade them to make an emotional buying decision.

It’s very cut, dry and to the point when talking about emotions. Your product or service needs to provide the resolution to a problem they may have or want. You want to tap into that desire. I’d also like to have you download the marketing assessment for free to help you tighten up your marketing campaign.

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