Copywriting – Things To Consider Before You Start Writing

Today we’re going to continue our conversation on copywriting, the aspect of words of your frontline marketing materials or direct response marketing materials. When we talk about the words on your marketing materials, it can make all the difference in the response and even the sales that you get from your marketing. In light of that, we’ll talk about the person you have in mind when writing your marketing materials.

The person that I want to talk about is who you are writing to. What the copywriter does is put an exact person in their mind before writing the marketing materials. So, first of all, get this person as a picture in your head. Some things to think about are the demographics and psychographics of this particular person. Next, put yourself in this person’s shoes. This is the very important part because you want them to wonder what’s in it for them. What is their emotional state and what do they know about your product or service?

To recap, consider who you are writing to, their demographics, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and put yourself in that person’s shoes. Lastly, what’s in it for them? This is all they really care about and think about their emotional state because they are going to buy out of emotion. Also, what do they already know about your product or service. If you think about these things before beginning the copywriting for your marketing materials you will see a better response and in return better sales.

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