Frequently Asked Questions For Mobile Marketing And Advertising

If you have already decided to pursue mobile marketing and advertising for your company because you’ve gone through a marketing evaluation checklist, but still have a few questions about the process, here are some frequently asked questions that Direct Business Marketing typically get from their customers when they begin a mobile marketing and advertising campaign.

First of all, what is the cost to add mobile optimization to you website? For the low cost of $50 a month, you can cater to your customers that choose to do view your website from their smart phone or other mobile device. When compared to the amount of money that could be earned with the opportunity to reach out to existing customers in a new way as well as broaden your customer base, this is a very nominal fee.

Speaking of money, what type of ROI can you expect from your mobile marketing and advertising campaign? Honestly, the ROI for your mobile marketing and advertising campaign can be somewhat tricky to measure because it depends on what type of market you are in as well as how well you are marketing your website to bring in traffic. When it comes to the mobile optimization add-on, it really depends on how many of your customers use their smart phone, iPad, Kindle, etc. to access your website. There is one thing you can count on though, and that’s that more and more people every day start using mobile devices for internet access and product searches.

Some business owners are also often concerned about the number of leads that they can expect from their mobile marketing and advertising campaign. Again, the number of leads that you generate depends on how aggressively you choose to market to your mobile customers. If you choose to do a mobile marketing and advertising add-on but don’t do anything to market it, the number of leads that you generate may not be very high. On the other hand, if you let your customers know that you now have a mobile website and pursue other ways of marketing it, your lead generation could be very high.

After reading this, if you feel that mobile marketing and advertising is right for your business, go through the marketing evaluation checklist on DBM’s website to help you further understand the needs and wants of your customers.

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