Use DBM’s Marketing Evaluation Tool To See If eCommerce Marketing Is Right For Your Business

Direct Business Marketing’s online marketing evaluation is the tool to use to help you identify if you should pursue eCommerce marketing for your business. If you’ve looked over their marketing evaluation tool and have determined that this is a medium that you’d like to pursue, it’s safe to say that DBM has informed you off all you need to know in setting up your eCommerce marketing website. If you haven’t been working with Direct Business Marketing, we’d like to encourage you to do so; we will, however, provide you with a few suggestions to help you out and show you just what DBM can do for your and your eCommerce marketing campaign. These suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg; if you give DBM a call, they can provide you with more helpful information such as this.

There are a few different features that many consumers request after having shopped for products or services online. The first of these is the need for high quality images. Who wants to purchase a product if they can’t even really tell what they’re looking at? Next, the consumer has a desire to see the product in a color, size, etc. of their choice. If you’re buying shoes online, for example, and you’d like to see a pair in red, but that company doesn’t show the shoe in red, are you really 100% sure you want to purchase those shoes without seeing what they look like first? Third, offer alternate views of the product, or allow the photo to be zoomed in on so that the consumer can see it in better detail. Lastly, show ratings and reviews from other customers. While you may hesitate to do this because of negative feedback, this can also only help you improve as a company by meeting the needs and wants of your customers.

The most important thing for you to know is that eCommerce marketing is a trend that is continuing to grow. It’s projected that total sales will have increased by more than 12% between 2011 and 2012. Isn’t this something that you want to take advantage of as a company? Check out Direct Business Marketing’s online marketing evaluation today to see if your business is a good fit for embarking on an eCommerce marketing campaign, and, if so, contact DBM today.

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