Using Traditional SEO Is Great, But Using Video SEO Is Even Better

One of the Marketing Truths that Direct Business Marketing encourages small business owners to implement into their marketing process is, “Videos, Views, Victory!” But what does this mean exactly? It means that when you utilize video content in your marketing process, whether it be on your website, social media account or on a YouTube channel, people love to watch video and it can do great things for your marketing process and campaign.

One use of video that we’d like to talk about today is video content on your website. When you use video content on your website it, not only does it appeal to consumers, but it also helps your search engine rankings by taking advantage of video SEO. You may already know what SEO is and video SEO is just an extension of that. When you use video content on your website, search engines tend to feature your website more and give it a better search engine ranking than those websites that don’t use video content.

There are a few other reasons as to why you should use video SEO techniques on your website. It’s estimated that a website that uses video SEO is over 50 times more likely to receive an organic first page ranking than those web pages that don’t. That’s a statistic you shouldn’t really ignore if you’re considering using video SEO to help your website. Also, video SEO utilizes long tail searches, meaning you can target a longer search phrase with your video title or description; you can’t really do this with traditional SEO and using keywords on your website. Lastly, when you use video SEO, it doesn’t matter how old your website is. With traditional SEO, Google takes your website’s age into consideration when deciding where to rank it. Video SEO gets rid of this concept and can boost you to the top of the results page

Using any type of SEO in your marketing process is a great thing for your website, but we’d like to encourage you to take it to the next level and implement the use of video SEO into your marketing campaign as well. The increase in traffic that you could potentially receive can do great things for your business and your website.

Pay-Per-Click: Does it Really Work?

Join Andrew Houglum as he does an in-depth webinar are pay-per-click (PPC) and provides some tips and tricks on how to ensure it works for you.

How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code and Conversion Code

It is imparative on your Short Or Stay (SoS) website that you track where your visitors are coming from.  Using this knowledge you can focus your marketing dollars.

Here are the steps to add Google Analytics to your SoS website.

1: Create your Google Analytics Account

To create your Google Analytics account follow this link and their instructions:

2: Insert the “UA” number into the backend of your SoS Website

  1. Login to your backend via:
  2. Enter your un/pw
  3. Under Appearance -> Theme Options -> Footer -> Google Analytics Code inpurt your “UA” number provided by Google.
  4. Click Save
  5. See Below Figure

3: Add in Google Conversion Tracking for Google AdWords

To add Google AdWords conversion code to your “thank you” page:

  1. Create the conversion code via your AdWords account.  The conversion code will look similar to:
  2. Add in the Google Conversion Shortcode to your “thank-you” page by
    1. Click Pages -> All Pages in the side menu
    2. Click Edit for your Thank-You Page
    3. At the bottom, enter in the following – substituting in your values for ID, format, label, and value that were provided by Google AdWords:
  3. Save the Page

Muscle Up Your Marketing

With all of the recent attention being brought to professional athletes taking performance enhancing drugs, it occurred to us that “being on the juice” has taken on a negative connotation.  But what about your online marketing?  Did you know that you can muscle up your online marketing with a little “Google Juice.”

What does “Google Juice” mean?

“Google Juice” is a slang term that simply means your website is liked by Google and gets high placement for the specific key terms it was targeting.

With the Targeted Niche Traffic (TNT) Lead Generation system you can generate your own “Google Juice” by having a network of websites that are all designed to focus on one business niche.  We refer to this as the Starbucks effect, because like Starbucks, you’ll be found everywhere!

Two Key Ingredients to “Google Juice”

#1 = Relevance
Notice the last two words of the previous sentence “Aiming at.”  The two most common reasons why online marketing fails are either (1) you are targeting too many key terms or (2) you aren’t targeting any terms at any.  A search engine, like Google, is looking at how relevant your web page is to the searched phrase. Google and all of the other search engines out there are focusing on every aspect of the web page in order to give the searcher the most relevant information available. Some items to check for relevance are:

  • Domain Name – does your domain name have your target key terms in it?
  • Meta – does your site’s meta data (keywords, title, description) contain your key terms?
  • Content – does the text or copy on the web page contain your key terms?

#2 = Backlinks
Backlinks are simply links from other websites back to your website. So, you should consider what alliances you can form or what organizations you belong to that can link from their website to yours.  When you create these links, don’t just link your business name.  Create a link with purpose by having the link contain a key term – that simple trick will give you more “Google Juice.”


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