How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code and Conversion Code

It is imparative on your Short Or Stay (SoS) website that you track where your visitors are coming from.  Using this knowledge you can focus your marketing dollars.

Here are the steps to add Google Analytics to your SoS website.

1: Create your Google Analytics Account

To create your Google Analytics account follow this link and their instructions:

2: Insert the “UA” number into the backend of your SoS Website

  1. Login to your backend via:
  2. Enter your un/pw
  3. Under Appearance -> Theme Options -> Footer -> Google Analytics Code inpurt your “UA” number provided by Google.
  4. Click Save
  5. See Below Figure

3: Add in Google Conversion Tracking for Google AdWords

To add Google AdWords conversion code to your “thank you” page:

  1. Create the conversion code via your AdWords account.  The conversion code will look similar to:
  2. Add in the Google Conversion Shortcode to your “thank-you” page by
    1. Click Pages -> All Pages in the side menu
    2. Click Edit for your Thank-You Page
    3. At the bottom, enter in the following – substituting in your values for ID, format, label, and value that were provided by Google AdWords:
  3. Save the Page
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