Learning How To Email Marketing? There Are Two Different Types You Should Know About

Has your company decided it’s time to learn how to email marketing in order to reach out to new customers and build stronger relationships with existing ones? Using an email marketing campaign can be one of the easiest ways to promote brand awareness and build loyalty and trust with your customers. It’s also a great way to satisfy some of the marketing objectives established by your business. If you’ve decided to delve into the world of email marketing, there are two different types of email marketing that you should know about.

If you’ve just learned how to email market, you may have been surprised to learn that purchase confirmation emails and email receipts are actually a type of email marketing. These are known as transactional emails; their main purpose is to share information regarding an action that the customer has taken. While many business owners don’t see these as a way to email market, they are actually a golden opportunity. Transactional emails have very high open rates, meaning that the email is actually opened up and read by the consumer. Over half of all transactional emails are opened and if a business owner takes advantage of this fact, it provides them the chance to do much more with that customer. Some business owners that have learned how to email market are realizing that transactional emails provide them the opportunity to cross sell, up sell or to extend the email relationship with their customer. When this is done, the chances of making another sale are highly likely.

The second type of email you should know about if you’re learning how to email market is direct emails. These involve promoting an announcement or message to the consumer; customers that receive these emails can either be existing customers or a list of collected potential customers. Direct emails are also a good way to promote brand awareness and wide your customer base. The open rate isn’t as high with direct emails, but it still provides you the capacity to connect with a large number of consumers at once.

Whether you’re taking part in an email marketing campaign or not, you should know that it’s an easy way to meet some of the marketing objectives that your company has. If you take advantage of it and learn how to email market, the results could be very beneficial to the growth and success of your business.

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