The Cosmetics Of Copywriting

Today we’re going to talk about the cosmetics of your copywriting skills today, meaning that our conversations stem from the nurture marketing campaign that you should have going on with your clients. With regards to your nurture campaign I mean your existing clients, new clients, existing leads and new leads; there are four different marketing campaigns that you should have going out from your email marketing system or blog post. Remember, the easiest people to sell supplies to and communicate with are the people that are already in your database so don’t forget about them. But if you want to entice them even further or attract new ones, that’s where Profitable Topic Tactics might be of aid.

In putting your copywriting skills to the test we’re going to talk about cosmetics. It’s easy to do this on a blog post but it’s hard to do this in a plain text email. Making sure that you’re highlighting and bolding certain things when you’re writing copy is important to do. You want to start giving emphasis to different words so we’re going to talk about highlighting. When talk about this you can add different coloring, bolding, underlining and italicizing to highlight your text. You won’t want to do too much so that your page looks cluttered but be sure you use it strategically to emphasize certain words and trigger certain emotional words. Understanding how to do this effectively again comes with the skill of copywriting. Once the sentence is already written, you also want to break up larger paragraphs into smaller ones. You want to add the ability of an “easy read” to your email or blog post so that the target or client can get good, easy information from your copywriting.

I’ve seen some pages that have really overdone it with regards to different sized fonts and colors as well as length of paragraphs; keep your blog post or email very general but highlight the important points and make your paragraphs easy to read.

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