FAQs About Direct Business Marketing’s Mobile Marketing And Advertising Services

Do you have questions about Direct Business Marketing’s mobile marketing and advertising services and how it can play in to your small business’s marketing process? If so, we’d like to try and answer some of your questions today to help you determine whether or not mobile marketing and advertising is something that could benefit your business.

At DBM, we get asked often how our mobile marketing and advertising services work; it’s quite simple, actually. We take your existing website, whether it was built by us or another company, and create a new version that is user-friendly to mobile devices. On our mobile sites, we use smaller images and menus to give the website a more “app-like” feel, however the purpose of your website is still apparent to consumers. Many small business owners also worry about having two different websites, but with DBM’s mobile marketing and advertising, that’s not the case. We build a unique code into your website’s URL to help detect which type of device the consumer is using, a PC or a mobile device. They are automatically directed to the correct site, so there’s no need for you to worry about managing two different websites.

Although DBM hosts your website saving you hundreds of dollars a year, you are still responsible for marketing your website and get the word out that you are now participating in mobile marketing and advertising. We also track the results for you, so you’re always in tune with how successful your mobile marketing and advertising campaign is. We’ll communicate with you on a regular basis and if changes need to be made, we can help you with this as well.

Adding mobile marketing and advertising to your marketing process is a win-win situation for both you and customer; it helps you to meet their needs and desires while fulfilling your marketing goals of reaching out to new clients, growing your business and promoting your brand, products and services. If you’d like additional information on this service, or any other service that DBM has to offer your marketing process, please contact us today or check out our website at https://directbusinessmarketing.com.

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