Before You Start Writing Your Copy, Think About What Your Target Market Wants and Needs

Today we’re going to talk about the “thinking” portion of your marketing campaign, meaning that if you’re a copywriter or you are thinking about copywriting for your marketing campaign, the thinking portion is pretty important in understanding what, from the target market’s perspective, what the nuances are that you should be concerned about. The copywriting series that I’m talking about does discuss the marketing pieces, the writing of the text that are on these pieces. The thinking portion of this will determine what actually goes on your marketing items.

Here are some things that I want to elaborate on today when you’re thinking about your target market in terms of copy. First thing, think about what THEY want, not what YOU want. A lot of times our clients, even in choosing the mediums, tend to think about what they want and what they like when this isn’t the way to think about it. They may not want to talk about certain things, but this isn’t the way to address and write your marketing pieces. You do want to think about what they want and not what you want. One way to find this out is to conduct a survey to a particular market. We’ve done surveys as simple as one question to a database and gathered an immense amount of information from that. Do a survey to a particular client market to help you determine what they want.

Next, study your prospect; go to the internet and find out information about a particular client type, websites, forms and other information pieces that they use to gather the information they need. Understand what they think and how they think by reading posts they may make on blogs and forums online. The best source is even talking to a target directly and ask how they would like to receive information about the campaign that you’re going to be marketing. Depending on the generation of the people that you’re marketing to, the mediums are going to be very different. An older generation may prefer direct mail while millennials prefer a more technologically advanced way of receiving their information.

It’s important to think about what your target markets wants and not specifically what you want. When you study your target marketing and learn how they like to receive their information you can better learn how to write copy for your marketing campaign.

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