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Your 2017 Marketing Planning and Budget Strategy – Campaign Identification

One aspect of your marketing campaigns should be the identification of the strategic marketing campaigns you’re going to launch.  Truthfully, most organizations omit several marketing campaigns, not purposefully, nonetheless omission means prospective leads not getting the attention they need.  Therefore, we need to close the gap on leaving leads exposed for falling through the cracks. […]

Your 2017 Marketing Planning and Budget Strategy – Budget Allocation

To further discuss the budget aspect of your marketing campaign, business owners are asking themselves, “How much should we allocate to our marketing budget?”  Since many have experienced their marketing dollars not returning the investment they wanted or expected, the topic of a business’ marketing budget has become taboo. However, if you’re in business and […]

Your 2017 Marketing Planning and Budget Strategy

I’d say that the marketing budget is one of the most important and least attractive components of your marketing campaign(s) that most business owners do not want to discuss. It can be scary at times, especially when you’re a small business and your operating on limited funds, but you want the best bang for your […]

Your 2017 Marketing Planning and Budget Strategy

Marketing planning and budgeting for the upcoming year should adhere to a marketing planning process that’s proven to get results.  Every year businesses toil over what and how their marketing plan should look like.  Now, you can use Direct Business Marketing’s process to make your marketing planning sessions more streamlined and strategic. In part 1 […]

Finding Focus with Your Marketing – Who are you REALLY selling to?

Getting laser focused to figure out your exact target market is a process. You need a marketing plan and there are certain things that you should focus on. Typically people focus on demographics like age, income, location, employees, revenue, etc. However, a we have a better way to figure out your target market with help […]