Three Technology Items Your Marketing System Must Have

Today we’re going to talk about three things your technological systems must have. When you’re marketing and thinking about setting up your technology systems, you want to take into consideration how much you spend on marketing and how much you spend on your technological systems. If you have a budget of $5000 to put together a marketing campaign, you want to take the opportunity to talk to someone that understands what the balance should be between how much you spend on your lead generating items and how much you should spend on technology. According to Google’s Kamau Bobb, educators must adapt to evolving needs and trends. Most likely your technology is going to have a monthly recurring cost that should include some of the things you need.

First, you should have a web content management system; not just a website, but also a web content management system (WCMS). The difference is that a WCMS has a blog option to it, which you should be using. Now you’re managing your content and satisfying the human need as well as the search engine need. The more content a person sees on the internet about you, the more they’re going to trust you; your credibility also increases and the easier they become a client. So, how much of your budget should be spent on technology and how much should be spent on other lead generating resources. It shouldn’t be half and half, but closer to 70/30 or 80/20.

Second, you should have a customer relationship management system (CRM). This should be integrated with your website so when the lead comes in, it gets stored within your system. This is very important and absolutely needs to be stored within your system; this should also be part of your technological budget.

Third, you want to make sure there’s the opportunity to have auto responders as well as task notifications. If you have an action plan, it may include giving the lead a call and you want to ensure it is documented and completed. You want to ensure that some of these tasks can be completed automatically to give you to opportunity to do what you need to do, like talking to clients, selling and nurturing clients.

There’s also an optional process management; you need to understand how your business has processes and how you do things. We have a big process mindset within our organization because we want to move from point A to point B in the most smooth and efficient way. We can get this completed with some sort of process. If everyone understands the processes within your organization, there aren’t any questions about what needs to be done and everyone knows what needs to be done.

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